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Someone That You Bailed Skipped Court

What to Do If Someone That You Bailed Skipped Court

There is a lot that is involved in bailing someone out of jail and that is why the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. You could be facing serious implications if the individual fails to appear in court. What should you do when the person that you paid bail for doesn’t appear in court? It is always advisable that you’re looking for a bail bonds Connecticut service so that you’re not shouldering the risks when the person doesn’t appear in court.


If it is cash bail, the money might not be refunded if the person fails to make a court appearance. The bail bond failure could mean that the person that paid the bonds agency will be responsible for settling the full amount.

 What to Do

There are acceptable circumstances that could make someone not to appear in court. They could be recovering from an illness or when they’re under doctor’s instructions to stay at home. You’ll not be liable if there is a reasonable issue and it will be up to the court to set a new date.

Paying Full Amount

You might be forced to pay for the full amount if the defendant has failed to appear in court and he or she can’t be traced. That is why it is imperative that you have the full amount ready. You could get a discount if the amount is settled in a timely fashion.

Get in Touch With the Bail Bondsman

The bail bonds agency will need to be aware of the new developments. Good communication is key for purposes of accountability and transparency. You don’t want to give them the idea that you could be conspiring with the defendant.

Encourage Defendants To Turn Themselves In

There is a high likelihood that you have a personal relationship with the person that you posted bail for. As such, it is crucial that you’re reaching out to him or her in order to turn themselves in. The bail bondsman will most likely charge if they have to use their resources in order to locate the defendant. It will be a bad idea aiding someone to skip a court date given the repercussions involved.

Getting a Bail Bondsman

It could be tempting to settle on the first agent that you come across as you’re likely to be desperate. It is important that you’re taking your time with the selection process. You’d want to work with a reputable company that has a proven track record of delivering quality services. You also want to look for a local company that will come to your rescue even if it is the middle of the night.

The most important thing to ensure is that the defendant is not skipping court date as it could leave you in a lot of trouble. Make sure that you’re following up with the person. For more information on bail bonds, you can check out

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Drug charge bail bonds

Things You Should Know About Drug Charges

Drug charges are complex everywhere, and in Hartford, CT, it is no different. The police department of Hartford takes drug-related cases seriously, and it has been a long battle, especially in the South End Area. Drug offenses have become a serious case and are now resulting in serious criminal charges. Due to the severity of the case, an arrest may warrant the need for a good bail bondsman in Connecticut to help you out of jail while your case proceeds to court. It is important to know certain things when it comes to drug charges as this can help you avoid the terrible fate that comes with being charged with this crime. 


Drug possession is a serious drug crime with serious penalties. However, the severity of this crime depends on the quantity of these substances on you. In the state of Connecticut, you are not expected to have more than half-an-ounce of marijuana as it has exceeded the limit for personal use. In the case of cocaine, heroin, or certain prescription drugs, you may likely face a class A misdemeanor charge. This charge could result in you facing up to a year in jail or faced with a fine of $2000. It is also important to know that possessing a small number of certain substances can result in jail term. 


Denial of Possession

Just like being charged with possession of drugs, you can also be charged with denial of possession. In cases where you are only in proximity to these substances and not in possession of them, certain factors can turn this situation against you. Being in the same car as the person possessing narcotics doesn’t necessarily make you guilty of possession. Still, in the case where you have prior knowledge of the substances and contribute to its custody, you may also be facing drug charges. 


Possession With Intent to Sell

It doesn’t matter what your intentions are. If you are found in possession of drugs, you could still be accused of possession with intent to sell. In Connecticut, there is a high possibility of being charged in this manner if you possess more than the stipulated quantity for personal consumption. You can face tougher charges with substances like hallucinogens or narcotics. When charged with this crime, you could be facing up to 15 years in prison and a $50,000 fine in the case of a first offense. Other drugs may warrant a lesser penalty of about seven years imprisonment and a fine of $25,000. 


You will require the service of a bail bondsman to help you out of jail as you await trial

In order to build a strong defense, you are required to be out of jail, and you can only achieve this with the help of a well trained and experienced bail Bondsman. There are certain factors to consider before hiring a Bail bondsman, and some of them include experience, professionalism, and reputation. 

For more information about Bail bonds and how effective they are in your legal case, visit


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Can Spitting on Connecticut Police Lead to Arrest?

With the current happenings in the world today, it can be tricky when trying to classify an assault act and even worse in the face of the pandemic. In Connecticut, getting sanctioned for attacking a law enforcement officer may seem like common knowledge, but more recently, spitting on a police officer can lead to arrest and a severe felony assault charge. If you or your loved ones happen to have done this without knowing the implication or the consequences that come with it, you might eventually need the intervention of bail bonds Connecticut, as your ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

How The Assault Of A Police Officer Charge Works

Getting charged with the assault of a police officer can be complex, and your intent can determine your fate. The most common reason for arrest and charges when it comes to assault cases is the intent of the accused. In this case, if you intend to interfere with the performance of the officer, you could be facing this charge. This reason holds more grounds than the case where the intent is to injure the officer since it is easier to prove.

Like every crime, spitting on/ assaulting a Connecticut police officer also comes with criminal penalties and jail time. It is considered a Class C felony and could result in a jail sentence reaching up to 10 years, a hefty fine, and several years of probation.

These charges are not restricted to the assault on police officers alone, but also extends to state troopers, probation officers, public servants, firefighters, EMS/EMT personnel, motor vehicle inspectors, emergency room doctors and nurses, Department of Corrections officers, DCF investigators, social workers, and other peace officers.

Assault Bailbonds in Connecticut

People charged with assault crimes can be allowed to get bail bonds as this will enable them to get released as they await their court trial. However, the kind and cost of their bail bond could depend on the specific assault case and its severity, just like spitting on a police officer.

Since the crime of assault has to do with making another person fearful through threats and gestures, you do not necessarily have to touch the victim to be slammed with this charge. Assault crimes can range from mild assault to battery and aggravated assault. What distinguishes them are the elements surrounding the case and the different penalties they have. In the case of aggravated assault, the crime could include severe injury and a rape attempt. It is also distinguished by hurting a member of a protected class and will warrant harsher punishments. It is important to explain the exact situation to your bail bondsman for ease. Battery, on the other hand, would involve physically hurting someone, and it is usually referred to as the crime of assault and battery. However, these two are separate crimes with different penalties.

Finally, it is important to hire a reputable bail bond company to handle the specific crime you or your loved one has been accused of. You should put factors like reviews, ratings, experience, and professionalism into consideration when hiring a Bail bonds company.

To learn more about your rights when arrested for an assault charge in Connecticut, check out

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Ways to Spend Less Time in Jail

Getting imprisoned is undoubtedly not something you wish for yourself or your loved ones. But when it happens, you can’t stop living. In a case where it is impossible to get a bail bonds Connecticut, or appeal for reduced sentencing or avoid going to jail totally, there are several other means of serving shorter jail time. Following any of these methods, a prisoner can have his or her sentence shortened so that they can return to their family on time. Listed below are the best ways to get out of jail quickly.

Put in Some Hard Work as a Trustee

Becoming a prison trustee is one of the ways in which a prisoner can get a shorter sentence. As a prison trustee, you will get assigned several tasks to do in prison. These tasks are usually simple and might not even require you to have any skill in particular. Examples of such tasks are; cleaning the yards, taking out the trash, helping in the kitchen, and several other prison-related menial jobs.

Combining your position as a prison trustee, with good behavior, and a low bond will go a long way to help reduce your sentence. Those with non-violent convictions even stand a better chance at getting their sentence reduced significantly. Being a prison trustee helps to put you in a good light. If you are good at what you are assigned to do, you might even catch the attention of some warden, whose recommendations will go a long way in helping to reduce your prison time.

Be of a Good Behavior

This is the most common reason for people getting out of jail early. Currently, prisoners are awarded credit based on good behavior. With their credits, prisoners can get about 54 days off their sentences per year. The good time credit as it is called can also be earned through taking up education courses and getting some certificates such as a GED. It is important to note that being of good behavior in prison could also put an inmate in the forefront of any favorable prison-related legislation. So, it pays to be of good behavior anywhere you find yourself.

Conquer an Addiction

Another way to get out of jail quickly is by facing an addiction head-on and wean yourself off it. By being able to keep your addiction under control, you will be awarded some points. These points will further help with your chances of getting reduced prison time. Apart from this being a good way to get out of jail quickly, it will also be of great benefit to you. Being free from addiction is a big deal, and I could be the only thing stopping you from getting back behind bars.

You can find out more about bail bonds and get first-hand information on the latest bills relating to getting out of jail quickly by visiting this website They are your one-stop for all things bail bond and prison-related.

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Did You Know These Things About Bail Bonds?

If this is your first time being arresting or knowing someone who has been, then you have to learn more about bail and bail bonds in CT. This is one of the ways you can get out of jail and await the trial or hearing that is scheduled. However, these bonds can be confusing to those who are not familiar with them. Here is some information you might need to know if you are looking at getting bail bonds.

You Don’t Always Need Cash

Cash is not always necessary. Since technology has advanced, many places accept credit cards, online payments, PayPal, Venmo, money orders, and even checks. This can be discussed with the bail bond professional.

Bail Fees are Pre-Determined

The bail that is set on a person is not done randomly by the judge. This is set based on a number of criteria. How likely the person is to run, the severity of the crime, and past crimes. These all have specific amounts set on them and when added together, this is the amount that is given as the bail amount that needs to be met.

The State Sets the Bail Bond Fees

Knowing if you are being scammed by a bail bond company is easy to do if you know the fees that can be charged. Every state is different. In Connecticut, you can expect to pay a fee of 10% for the first $5,000 bail amount and then 7% on any amounts added thereafter. It is important to know these fees prior to obtaining a bail bond so you know what to expect.

Bail Bond Companies Have the Right to Pursue Defendants Who Flee

You’ve probably heard of bounty hunters. These are bail bond companies who are going after those who do not show up for their trial or hearings or adhere to the guidelines they’re given in order to get the bond in the first place. The bail bond company has the right to legally hunt down and bring back the person who flees.

Bail Bonds are Not Something You Are Entitled To

Bail bonds are not a right to those who are in trouble. You can be turned down by a bail bond company if they feel you are too much of a risk or do not have enough to cover the costs of the bond and the percentage placed at the end. They do not have to give everyone a bail bond if they choose not to do so. They are given at their own discretion.

If you or someone you know has been arrested and accused of a crime, it is important to know where you can find a bail bondsman. Visit to find out how they can provide the necessary help needed. They’re also able to answer any questions you may have about the process, as well as what to expect.

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Good Reasons For Not Appearing In Court

If you have been charged with a crime, the court would grant you a bail hearing in most cases. From the hearing, you are granted bail and free return home with the expectation that you will return on the date of your trial. The reason for bail bonds near me  is to ensure that you show up in court when you are needed. Not to mention, a bail bondsman can help you determine the complete cost of your bond, secure the funds, and even get you on a payment plan that makes your bail more affordable. 

You do not have the option to skip bail, whether or not you are sure of your innocence as that is the court’s to prove. So you are required to show up on the date of your hearing unfailingly. 

When you fail to show up in court when you are needed, you further compound your situation, as more charges would be filed against you. Although there are valid reasons why you may not appear in court when you are needed, it is unlikely that any of them may be your reason, therefore, you should still make it to court when needed.

While there are valid reasons, some of the reasons the court would not allow include:

  • Forgetting your date of appearance
  • Minor medical appointment, such as going to see the dentist for a check-up
  • Attending school or work
  • Changing residence
  • Anxiety

Even though any of those reasons may make sense to you, they would be dismissed by the court and you would receive extra penalties instead. The list of invalid reasons is endless and only a reason recognized by the court would save you from the added charges that would come your way for not appearing in court.

Some of the valid reasons that may be entertained by the court include:

You Did Not Receive The Date Of Your Hearing

If the reason for not showing up in court was because the date of your hearing was not communicated to you, then you can tell it to the court. If indeed, the court failed to express the date to you properly, then the reason may stand. But if it was a failure on your part to receive the date, such as changing your address without updating it with the court, then the court would not listen to you.

Family Or Health Emergency

The court would only entertain a serious health emergency that was completely unavoidable and has a big impact on your wellbeing, for example, being hospitalized for a while. This does not include conditions like cold or a slight fever. You will also have to prove it with valid documents from the doctor. Family emergencies, like the death of a spouse, would also be accepted by the court.

Your Lawyer Has Backed Out

Another reason that may be considered is if the lawyer meant to represent you have withdrawn from the case. But this can only be valid if the lawyer backed out at the last minute, like a day or two before the hearing, not giving you enough time to choose another person to represent you. 

Your Connecticut Bail Bondsman Is Here To Help

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime in Connecticut, you need to get in touch with a bail bondsman. For more information, visit


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The Influence of Coronavirus on CT Criminal Justice System

As the coronavirus ravages the world, Connecticut State is implementing the CDC guidelines to limit the spread of the virus. The criminal justice system is among the bodies affected by these regulations. The police department, the correction department, and the court system have adjusted their work to minimize contact and enhance public safety.

The last thing you want to happen is to get arrested during these tough times because you will stay longer in jail. That is because courts close twice a week, which means the bail process takes longer, delaying the bond approval. You will also receive a longer time before you appear in court. However, in the unfortunate event that you are arrested, there’s hope as your local Hartford CT bail bonds agents are open round the clock. We do our best to bail you or your loved out of jail. A visit to our website or a call will link you to one of our bail bond agents for a free consultation. We are committed to helping you process your bail release. Everyone deserves to be with their families during this time. 

Police Limitations & Suspensions

The police department has suspended healthcare fingerprinting services. Also, in case you need to visit the police department, you are advised to call in advance. You’ll need to answer several questions to evaluate if your need warrants a visit to the department. When physical contact is inevitable, again, the police strive for their safety and yours by inquiring about your health status and travel history. The department has set up online processes to minimize visits to the department further. 

Connecticut Prisons During COVID

The prisons banned social visits from 12th March to minimize inmates’ risk. The inmates can communicate with their families twice a week through a phone call. The inmates tested positive for the virus are isolated in a different facility to protect others from contracting the virus. Also, the Department of Correction prioritizes the health care of the inmates. Those exhibiting severe symptoms are treated in the neighboring hospitals. Further, the department has suspended community work crew, canceled public tours of the facility, and limited inter-facility transfer of inmates. 

Court Limitations & Closures

Connecticut courts are closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyone entering the court is required to wear protective gear. In each state, only one court is operational. The number of persons entering the few opened courts at any given time is limited. That has forced the court to reschedule some cases for a later date, thereby causing delays in case hearing. Even though the cases that were in progress are continuing to be heard, the courts prioritize domestic violence arrest, protective orders, and in-custody criminal arrangement. 

As it is, the criminal justice system is doing everything possible to minimize the spread of Coronavirus. However, the measures are causing a pile up of cases and delay of justice. That means you might be stuck in jail for days as you wait to appear in court—the last place anyone would want to be during this pandemic. 

How Your Connecticut Bondsman Is Adjusting

At Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, we understand that the current state of things has left a lot of our local residents confused and fearful. We are doing all that we can to minimize the risk of contamination, including taking the majority of our bail bonds consults over the phone. We will continue to update our clients with relevant info related to closures, suspensions, and reopenings in the legal resources that you depend on in the state of Connecticut. To learn more about the bail bonds services that we offer, check out



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Does 2020’s 10% Bail Bonds Update Make or Break The Process

The 10 percent bail bonds in CT recently set by Connecticut judges were aimed at helping those who find it challenging to raise the incredulous bail amounts. However, this new rule could end up hurting those who are financially unstable even more in the long run. While trying to maintain the rights set forth in the eighth amendment of the constitution, this rule still does not correctly deliver the purpose of such a bill. 

The eighth amendment states that: ‘Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.’

To many, the change regarding bail bonds is not the correction needed to the eighth amendment. While the bill aims to establish what is and is not an excessive bail amount, there is still much open to debate and conjecture. 

What is so wrong with the 10% bail rule? 

#1. The Change Still Favors The Rich

This new regulation starts by stating that all bonds set below $20,000 will automatically be given a 10% cash alternative for payment. This means that anyone who can raise 10% of the full bond and deliver it in cash will be able to get out of jail while awaiting trial. However, for those that find the 10% price still too steep, the only options available would be to remain in jail, or to contact a bail bondsman. 

Luckily, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group offers a number of payment options for bail bonds, including financing and secured loan options. Even if you have none of the money up front for bail, we may still be able to help you or your loved one get out of jail. 

#2. No Bondsmen To The Rescue

Bail bondsmen are here to help you and your loved ones in your time of need. If you can’t raise bail on your own, we should be your first call. Our flexible payment options create a viable solution for almost any situation when it comes to financing someone’s release. 

While the courts will accept credit cards and cash, a Connecticut bail bonds agent will be able to provide even more flexible payment options that may be a better fit for your specific situation. You may even be able to pay your bail in installments; an option that the courts won’t give you. 

The Change Could Be Positive For A Number of Arrests

What if you aren’t able to raise bail, even if you didn’t commit the crime that you are accused of? In these cases you will, unfortunately, need to remain behind bars until you are able to have your day in court in order to be proven innocent. That means that you will needlessly spend time behind bars, and you could risk losing a lot. 

You may lose your family, your job, and your chances of future employment in your preferred industry thanks to a wrongful arrest. You may lose your home, your vehicle, and your public image. There is a lot that you could lose from spending time in jail, even wrongfully. The change to the bail bonds law makes it so that more individuals are able to afford their bail so that they do not have to worry about spending time behind bars when they should be maintaining their normal life and meeting with an attorney in order to form their case. 

While a 10% payment on a bail bond might still be pretty steep for some clients, this exponentially lowers the bail amount for most arrests and allows more individuals to have a better fighting chance when it comes to proving themselves innocent. 

Our Connecticut Bail Agents Are Here To Help

It can be difficult to manage the bail process. What happens if you are unable to pay your full bond amount? Would a bail bondsman be able to help your case? Would getting stuck behind bars cause significant lose to you personally if you are unable to pay the bond? Are there other options besides paying a bond in full to get out of jail while you await trial? 

With so much going on, it can be easy to forget that there are businesses available to help you in this situation. Aside from your lawyer, you should always consult with a bail bonds service to see if they can help you through a secured or unsecured bail bond. Regardless of your crime or lack thereof, we are compassionate about ensuring that your rights are preserved while you seek proper legal aid. 

For more info on the types of bail bonds that we offer, or the specific payment options that you could be eligible for with a Connecticut bail bond, check us out online at


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Courts are Closed Tuesdays and Thursdays in Connecticut

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, daily life has been completely turned upside down for a lot of individuals and families. With lock downs and quarantines becoming a norm, the functioning of the police and the courts has also changed. For starters, getting arrested in Connecticut is now less pleasant than it ever was. Just like restaurants and small businesses have closed down, courts have also gone on a hiatus. Even the services of many bail bonds agents have been limited. But what does this mean for your legal rights and how much time might you have to spend behind bars if you are arrested? 

Impact of Coronavirus on Courts

Getting arrested during this pandemic may be the most unpleasant thing. As the coronavirus spread across states, many judges in Connecticut closed their doors to prevent the spread of the novel virus. In Connecticut, courts are now closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This means that the legal process of getting the offender to trial has slowed down. At the same time, the process of CT bail bonds approvals has also slowed down. If you get an arrest, you are more likely to spend more time in jail before the bond gets approved. 

What the Slow Down During COVID-19 Means For Legal Cases

A slower legal system means that hearings get canceled and prisoners in jail remain at a higher risk. Even as the majority of the population self-isolate, the same cannot be applied to those in jail. In an era where social distancing is becoming a norm, those in jail cannot practice the same. Jails and prisons are open locations, which can easily turn into a breeding ground for the Coronavirus. Although most jails are taking all the necessary measures, the open settings of these facilities can easily allow the spread of the virus if a single case is reported. 

But Our Connecticut Bail Bond Services are Always Open

It’s pretty clear that no one wants to spend time behind bars in normal circumstances, let alone during a pandemic in which they may be at an increased risk of exposure by remaining in jail. The best thing to do is to find ways to avoid getting arrested during a pandemic. But there are some things that you just can’t prevent. This is why our bail bonds services are available 24/7. We all want to know that our loved ones are safe and well. What better place for us to guarantee their safety than by helping to bring them home. Our team of bail bonds agents is constantly working to meet the needs of our clients and bail them out as soon as possible. 

Contact Us Now

Even with COVID-19, our bail bondsmen are open to serve you at any time. We have taken every necessary precaution to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. If you are in need of a CT bail bondsman during this difficult time, please contact us today for expedited support.


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Avoid Getting Arrested During Quarantine in Connecticut

Effects of a Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every aspect of life. Everything is uncertain as the virus outbreak puts the lives of everyone at risk. The effects of the pandemic are nothing but frightening and worrisome. Probably you got furloughed in the last few weeks and now you’re at home with your kids. Trying to think through everything can be both stressful and a source of panic. At Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, we are here to help you get through these difficult times as easily as possible. Our bail bondsman in Hartford are always available to discuss your bail options. 

You Still Have A Legal Right To Bail

As Hartford residents come to terms with what is happening, some may be susceptible to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Before you can think about how life has changed and how to cope with the changes, you are forced to be in quarantine for safety reasons. While everyone tries to understand the situation, you cannot help but feel bad, even feeling a certain amount of panic. 

Connecticut towns are some of the safest in the country. Our residents continue to follow quarantine guidelines and stay at home protocols for the most part, but that doesn’t mean that there is not still a lot of uncertainty, which can lead to anxiety.

Some people have taken to social media to vent about some of the measures taken by the government. However, the situation doesn’t seem to get any better. A simple act like talking about toilet paper or grocery shopping online can lead you to trouble. Some people have already found themselves on the wrong side of the law for posting unlawful content on their social media. Even worse, those who are restless from stay at home safety orders and frustrated with beneficial mask regulations are starting to break quarantine, further exacerbating a bad situation. In any case, everyone wants to stay safe and avoid being on the wrong side of the law. 

How to Avoid Being Arrested

Here are some the useful tips that you may apply to avoid getting arrested during quarantine in CT:

  • Follow any parole or probation conditions
  • Come up with techniques to deal with life during these difficult times, like starting a hobby
  • Use your time wisely
  • Check your mental health
  • Avoid heated conversations at home
  • Avoid online conversations and forums when stressed out
  • Do not violate protective orders
  • Attend all court dates as scheduled
  • Keep up with changes to court dates or hearing locations
  • Check for re-arrest warrants
  • Take a break and be safe

Although quarantine will not last forever, we all want to go through it and come out successfully. While everyone is being encouraged to stay safe at home, getting arrested is the last thing you would want. Our bail bonds agents wish for you to stay safe during this period while still offering the same professional services as always.  

Get in touch with us today if you need bail bonds for any arrest in the state of Connecticut. We are available 24/7 to suit your bail needs.


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