Can Spitting on Connecticut Police Lead to Arrest?

With the current happenings in the world today, it can be tricky when trying to classify an assault act and even worse in the face of the pandemic. In Connecticut, getting sanctioned for attacking a law enforcement officer may seem like common knowledge, but more recently, spitting on a police officer can lead to arrest and a severe felony assault charge. If you or your loved ones happen to have done this without knowing the implication or the consequences that come with it, you might eventually need the intervention of bail bonds Connecticut, as your ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

How The Assault Of A Police Officer Charge Works

Getting charged with the assault of a police officer can be complex, and your intent can determine your fate. The most common reason for arrest and charges when it comes to assault cases is the intent of the accused. In this case, if you intend to interfere with the performance of the officer, you could be facing this charge. This reason holds more grounds than the case where the intent is to injure the officer since it is easier to prove.

Like every crime, spitting on/ assaulting a Connecticut police officer also comes with criminal penalties and jail time. It is considered a Class C felony and could result in a jail sentence reaching up to 10 years, a hefty fine, and several years of probation.

These charges are not restricted to the assault on police officers alone, but also extends to state troopers, probation officers, public servants, firefighters, EMS/EMT personnel, motor vehicle inspectors, emergency room doctors and nurses, Department of Corrections officers, DCF investigators, social workers, and other peace officers.

Assault Bailbonds in Connecticut

People charged with assault crimes can be allowed to get bail bonds as this will enable them to get released as they await their court trial. However, the kind and cost of their bail bond could depend on the specific assault case and its severity, just like spitting on a police officer.

Since the crime of assault has to do with making another person fearful through threats and gestures, you do not necessarily have to touch the victim to be slammed with this charge. Assault crimes can range from mild assault to battery and aggravated assault. What distinguishes them are the elements surrounding the case and the different penalties they have. In the case of aggravated assault, the crime could include severe injury and a rape attempt. It is also distinguished by hurting a member of a protected class and will warrant harsher punishments. It is important to explain the exact situation to your bail bondsman for ease. Battery, on the other hand, would involve physically hurting someone, and it is usually referred to as the crime of assault and battery. However, these two are separate crimes with different penalties.

Finally, it is important to hire a reputable bail bond company to handle the specific crime you or your loved one has been accused of. You should put factors like reviews, ratings, experience, and professionalism into consideration when hiring a Bail bonds company.

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