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As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc throughout the world, the United States leads in the number of confirmed cases. As of the first of April, there were 3600 confirmed cases of the virus in Connecticut, with every county now reporting cases. Understandably a lot of businesses have had to make adjustments, and the Connecticut courts and bail bondsman are no different. 

The actions taken by the courts in response to the current state of affairs were done in order to protect staff and members of the public from situations that could potentially increase the spread of Coronavirus. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group will remain available 24/7, with our bondsman working remotely wherever possible. 

Changes Made By New Haven Courts

  • The Bridgeport Court, located at 60 Housatonic Avenue, will handle all juvenile matters. 
  • New Haven Judicial District, located at 235 Church Street in New Haven, will remain open. 
  • All Meriden court cases will be heard at the New Haven JD Court.
  • Proceedings involving more than 10 people will be limited.

All branch directors will be responsible for reaching out to their employees to determine the vital functions that are needed to hear each presented case. The staff that are able to work remotely should continue to do so. 

The Supreme Court In Action

The Coronavirus has restricted most Americans in more than 30 states to their homes, but the Supreme Court continues to operate in these troubled times as a necessity of the justice system. All court justices are reportedly in good health and are discussing pending cases weekly through video calls. 

The courts aren’t able to hear oral arguments at this time, which is not a problem that has previously been experienced by the New Haven courts or many courts throughout the country. There is no law that inhibits a ruling being given without an oral argument, and it is often not important to the ruling of the case. 

There are dozens of the 94 federal courts across the country that have been forced to close or delay proceedings. The majority of lower federal and state courts are operating following public health guidelines. 

Defending Our Legal Rights

If current circumstances persist, the courts will need to come up with long-term solutions for hearing and ruling on cases. As it is an individual’s constitutional right to have a hearing before a judge and jury of their peers, it is paramount that the courts continue to exist in some capacity. Special arrangements will need to be made in order to deal with the number of growing cases. 

Preserving your legal rights is important, even in a pandemic. If you have a loved one waiting for trial, a bail bond can help you make sure they’re home safe for the time being. Learn more about the bail bonds process at



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