When one is arrested is driving under the influence, they are legally referred to as DUI suspect. They will be taken into custody by local law enforcement and booked on charges of DUI. The police officers will collect fingerprints and run background checks on the individual to certify their backgrounds. During this time, it’s important to note that the suspect isn’t proven guilty as the proof of guilt can only be done in the court of law. The guilt of driving under the influence has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the judge appointed to the case.

Their full details are then supposed to be recorded.This is a process that is called ‘booking’ within the security personnel fraternity. Suspects in DUI cases are most likely given the right to a DUI bail bond. This bond enables them to be released before they are arranged in court.

A DUI bail is an amount of money that a DUI suspect pays to not be held in custody during their trial. The amount of the bail varies from case to case. If you get arrested for a DUI, you can post bail and prevent your detention in the local county jail by paying some money upfront to be temporarily released. This bail time is granted not he condition that one will attend all the court proceedings as required of them. Even if the DUI bail isn’t granted immediately, the judge can order it on a later date.

The amount to be paid may depend on factors such as the magnitude of the offense alleged to have been committed, the criminal history of the DUI suspect as well as the closeness of the suspect has to the family community.

Where one is unable to make payment for a DUI bail, they have the option of a bond through the bond agency who places the bond on their behalf. Usually, one pays about 10% to the agency as a cost and some additional amount to take care of the losses involved in case the DUI suspect fails to appear in court.
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