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Connecticut Warrant Search

Outstanding Arrest Warrant Search In Connecticut

Yes, you can have an arrest warrant out for you and you may not know it!

Use the form below to do a warrant lookup to find any outstanding warrants or bench warrants under your name in the State of Connecticut.

Search For Active Warrants, Arrest Warrants for Violation of Probation (VOP) or Failure to Appear (FTA), and Orders to Incarcerate for other warrants you may need to us NCIC, COLLECT and PRAWN systems and we recommend calling us or your attorney to guide you through this process.

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An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a judge or other judicial authority that authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest a person who is suspected of committing a crime. The warrant is issued based on probable cause and typically includes the name of the individual to be arrested, the alleged crime, and it may also specify the bail amount. Arrest warrants are issued when a law enforcement agency presents evidence to a judge that a person has committed a crime or when an individual fails to appear in court as required.

In Connecticut, as in other states, an arrest warrant remains active until the person named in the warrant is arrested or appears in court. If you or your loved ones have been arrested and you cannot afford the full bail amount set by the court, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is here to help you. 

We want to take the stress off you by providing bail bonds services. This way, you get to experience ease while posting bail and take care of other matters. Contact us now let’s discuss how we can help you! 

How Arrest Warrants Are Issued

Generally, if Connecticut law enforcement have enough evidence against you for a crime the court will issue an arrest warrant to local police will enforce. Therefore, if you have a warrant issued against your name you risk being arrest during any interaction with law enforcement officers. You may even be visited by police looking to execute the warrant at your home, place of employment or even at friends and families residences.
What Is The Best Thing To Do If You Suspect You Have An Active Arrest Warrant?
If you suspect you may have an arrest warrant the best places to verify your status are:

Online Arrest Warrant Search Tools

We have included the Connecticut Arrest Warrant search tool above for your convenience. You can check for any CT warrant by specifying your city and identity. Note: Arrest Warrants can be issued for any type of crime. Also you are relying on the accuracy of the arrest warrant search tool and your skill to confirm the results.

Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys work for you to ensure you receive fair and equal treatment in the court system. They normally are the best means of confirming an outstanding arrest warrant in Connecticut. However, if you are unaware of a warrant and you want to search for your warrant, you can contact an attorney to confirm. They will notify you about the warrant on you, if any. If there is a warrant for your name your attorney can assist you with the correct procedure to quickly sort the problem out. If needed they will represent you in court and perhaps refer you to a bail bondsman, like Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, if you do need bail. We offer CT bail bonds at the lowest rate allowed by the state of Connecticut.

Is Calling The Police Directly About A Possible Warrant The Best Idea

While this method is not always a 100% accurate, you can call or present to a police station and ask if you have an arrest warrant under your name. The downside to this method is, if you have an outstanding warrant you will be arrest on the spot. This can be both traumatic, inconvenient and may result in a long and difficult stay in jail while you try to organise bail with limited access to a phone. Using State Agencies To Confirm An Outstanding Warrant Some State agencies can arrest you and they also hold some specific information about outstanding CT arrest warrants you may have. If you suspect you have one with a particular agency in the State of Connecticut you can approach them directly to confirm.

Searching The Connecticut Judicial Website Directly

Just as we have provided a direct portal to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Website Search Arrest Warrant database above. You can also go directly to their website and search for: Outstanding Arrest warrants for anything in Connecticut including. We have included a direct link here.


How To Get Help Regarding Your Warrant

If you feel you were arrest or your outstanding warrant is unlawful you should contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss the matter. Your attorney will be able to research and lookup any warrants and public arrest records. Even if you feel your arrest or warrant is lawful you should still consult with an attorney as soon as possible. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group can provide you with a professional bail bond agents service to get you out of jail 24 hours a day. A quick call can confirm we will be ready to bail you out of jail as soon as you hand yourself in.

Typical Types Of Outstanding Warrants In Connecticut

Search Warrant

A CT warrant search can be issued for many reasons. Typically, if a court is presented evidence of suspicious activity or the location of a wanted person at a location, house, business or anywhere specific a court will issue a search warrant for that location. Police officers are then sent to execute the search warrant. The police may do a general search with minimal personal or may execute the warrant with a full swap team depending on the situation, crime or persons involved.

Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant is similar to a search warrant. When arrest warrant is issued by the court for a specific person the police will be notified. However, there is a big difference between a warrant search and an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants have no expiration date. Where as, a search warrant is only valid for a set time frame before it expires and can’t be used. Additionally, an individual can have multiple arrest warrants at one time for different crimes and from different Connecticut Government Agencies.

Purge and Bench Warrants

If a person is on bail and does not appear in court on time a bench warrant will be issued by the presiding Judge. Yes, bench warrant is very similar to arrest warrant in that police will start to look for the individual involved. However, it is only to bring the person before the court and expires once this has been achieved. Bench warrants are acted upon very quickly.

Failure to Appear Warrants (FTP)

If you miss a court date a Judge may issue a warrant for your arrest. This may also include a new criminal charge. Most often a failure to appear results in the Judge sending a bail commissioner’s letter notifying you of a new court date.

Violation of Probation Warrant (VOP)

If you fail to follow your probation conditions your bail officer may petition the courts to cancel your probation. An arrest and further jail time will likely follow.

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