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Attorney Referrals

Trusted Attorneys in Connecticut

Not only do we offer reliable bail bondsman in Hartford and Connecticut, but we can also provide you with resources for attorneys in your area. We have found that having the right lawyer for your case is the most important thing you can do. Over time, our company has found and fostered relationships with the best criminal defense (and other practice area) lawyers in the state of Connecticut. Because of our relationship with them and a direct referral from us, you will have a direct line to the top lawyers you wouldn’t normally be able to access and most of the time, at a discounted rate. It does not matter how small the case or how big the case, we will send you in the right direction.

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James Ruane, Esq.

Carolyn Futtner Esq.

Grayson Colt Holmes, Esq.

Teresa DiNardi, Esq.

J. Patten Brown, Esq.

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