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Office Address: 141 Weston St, Hartford CT 06101 Phone: 860-420-2245 Hours of Operation: 24/7 Availability Sunday – Saturday 12 AM – 12 PM
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“Sheila was great. Fast, accurate and very friendly.”

-Angel Centeno, Hartford, CT

“Got to speak to Sheila about getting my daughter out of jail, she always answered the phone and answered my questions.. I knew nothing about this process and she was kind enough to walk me through it so that I understood. I highly recommend Connecticut Bail Bonds Group!”

Bonnie Malone, Hartford, CT

“I like that this company is always working non-stop for the customers and always trying to keep the customers informed of what they offer. They have great customer service and they are the nicest people! They very professional and offer the lowest prices.”

-Liz Love, Hartford, CT

Helpful Hartford, CT Bail Bond Information

Hartford, CT Superior Court

  • Geographical Area 14: (Avon, Bloomfield, Canton, Farmington, Hartford, West Hartford)
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 101 Lafayette Street, Hartford 06106
  • Chief Clerk’s Office: 860-566-1630
  • Fax: 860-566-1983
  • Adult Probation: 860-566-3343
  • Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Doors open at 8:30 A.M.
  • Public Parking: Metered Parking is available on both sides of Lafayette and Washington Streets. The meters take only coins or credit cards.

Hartford, CT Police Department

  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 253 High Street, Hartford, CT 06103
  • Main Phone:  (860) 757-4000
  • Chief of Police: Chief David Rosado
  • About: The Hartford Department focuses on a police-community partnership based on courtesy, professionalism, and respect. Our effective and efficient delivery of police services allows the citizens of Hartford to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

The 6 Steps to Bail Bonds in Hartford

1. Bond is Set

The Hartford Police Department will decide on what your bond is are the location of where the arrest was made. If you are unable to pay this bond, then the judge will set a final bail. This final bail must be paid.

2. Call the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

You can then call Connecticut Bail Bonds Group to speak with one of our Hartford representatives about the bail process. Our bondsmen will ask specific questions about the arrested individual. These questions will be such as the full and legal name, date of birth, reasons for arrest and related charges, and the jail location. If the location of the arrested individual is in a correctional facility, the inmate number will be particularly helpful. This will allow the Hartford bondsmen handle the case more effectively and efficiently.

3. Our Bail Agent Meets You

Once this initial call step is completed, there will be a personal meeting with one of our Hartford, CT bondsmen. They will walk you through the bonding process and all the necessary steps for the court system and payment methods. If it needs be, collateral will be collected at this stage of the process. Collateral could include items such as jewelry, a car, or a house.

4. Release from Jail

Once the Hartford area jail or correctional facility receives the bail bond, one of our Hartford bond agents will arrive to help process the paperwork. They will go to the jail to complete the paperwork, which can take around 30 to 40 minutes. With the paperwork signed and filled out, it is considered complete. The arrested individual is delivered their release papers, and they are welcome to return home.

5. The Court Date Arrives

A scheduled court date will be established for the arrested individual to appear on. With the individual arriving on time and as scheduled, the process can be a smooth and easy transition. Failure to arrive on time can complicate the situation. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group will be forced to send a Hartford bondsman to locate the individual. They will then be returned to jail.

6. The Bond is Exonerated

Once the case is complete and ended, the bond will be exonerated. This is regardless of the final verdict of guilty or innocent.

About Connecticut Bail Bond Group

Easy, Fast, Professional Bail Bonds

The Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is committed to helping you. Court and jail can be an intimidating and unsettling experience, so our Hartford bond agents give every case the attention it deserves. We make sure all of our clients completely understand the bond process and all of the procedures. We dissect it into understandable steps to help our clients feel informed and more comfortable. We update you on the general situation, the defendant’s obligations, law, and general procedure of arrest. For any questions you have, our Hartford bond agent will walk you through the bail bond process. No matter the bond amount, small or large, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is here for you.

Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

While other bail bond companies boast of their deceitful nature and dishonest practices, Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is dedicated to honest services. We do not skimp our services for financial gain and seek to help all of our Hartford clients. We provide quality and trustworthy agents to help with all of your needs. Our Hartford bail bond services are not only ethical, but affordable and accessible for anybody who may be in need. Our Hartford office is designed to serve you. We look forward to earning your trust and serving you. Taking Care of You The bail bond process can be an exhausting process, taking its toll on people emotionally, mentally, and financially. At the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, we understand the stress that can come from this process. We are committed to serving our Hartford clients at these pivotal moments and creating quality relationships with all of our clients. Our promise is to serve your needs on both the legal and emotional side of the spectrum. We provide an exceptional team of Hartford agents that strive to constantly give you the highest quality of attention and service.   The Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is here to serve the Hartford, CT region all day, every day of the week. To learn more about our services or speak to a bondsman, call us today at (860) 420-2245.