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Bail Bond Services

The idea of having someone else pay your bail for you is pretty enticing. However, many people hesitate to hire a bail bondsman to act as the middleman and pay your bail bond for you because they fear that they will end up paying more money in the bail bondsman’s fees. It is true that some bail bondsmen charge ridiculous fees that will end up costing you a lot of money to pay. However, this is not the case for all bail bondsmen.

If you can find a bail bondsman with reasonable fees, hiring a bail bondsman can be the best option that you have. Understanding more about bail bondsmen and their fees can help you determine what kind of bail bondsman to hire.

One common misconception about bail bondsmen is that they all charge unnecessary fees. While there are some bail bondsmen that will take advantage of clients and charge them hidden fees, it is actually required by law that bail bondsmen charge a minimum fee. The bail bond fee is 10% of the first $5,000 and 7% of anything over $5,000. This fee is required for a bail bondsman to be able to post the full amount of the bond. This percentage constitutes the bail bondsman’s compensation for posting the bail bond.

Connecticut Bail Bond Group Serves all types of bail bonds including:

The difference between a good bail bondsman and a bad one comes in when considering additional charges. A good, affordable bail bondsman will just charge the flat fee required by the state. A bail bondsman that is trying to con you will charge you additional fees for phone calls, meetings, gas money, mileage put on the bail bondsman’s car, etc. These additional fees can add up and before you know it, you could be paying thousands of extra dollars for a bail bondsman’s services.

It is not necessary for you to pay additional fees to a bail bondsman!

For this reason, it is important that if you want to hire a bail bondsman in order to pay for your bail bond and make the whole process easier, make sure that you discuss fees before retaining the bail bondsman’s services. One important tip is to hire a bail bondsman who promises to charge you a flat fee of around 10-15%, depending on your case. One company that promises the lowest prices in Connecticut is Connecticut Bail Bonds. We offer our clients the lowest bail bond prices allowed by law for our services. This means that you will end up saving money if you hire one of our bail bondsmen as your representative. All of our bail bondsmen are fully licensed and insured. We are the best in the business! Contact us today for more information or to have your questions answered.

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