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Contact From And To Inmates: The Complete Guide

Contact From And To Inmates

Life as an inmate in any type of prison or other correctional institution is not easy. Even though the government has made bold changes, inmates’ communication with the rest of the world keeps on being regulated and problematic. Looking for a suitable bail bondsman in Connecticut is the only way to secure your timely bail payment. In the meantime, there is going to be less frequent communication with inmates. These are the ways detainees can get in touch with their closest friends and family when in prison.

In-Person Visits To The Correctional Institution

Visiting an inmate is not an easy task to do. Correctional officers enforce strict rules regarding appearance, clothing, and items you can bring while visiting. Prison visits are always pre-scheduled on certain days of the week. All people visiting should be registering with the prison authorities several days before the actual visit.

There are also limitations to the time spent together with each inmate. Other correctional institutions may also pose restrictions to hugs and handshakes between prisoners and visitors. Visiting in person is an immediate form of communication with inmates. However, it varies among different correctional institutions and their level of security.

Writing And Sending Letters

Every inmate has the right to send and receive letters while being in prison. It’s not unusual to see prison officials publish guidelines for letter-writing and sending for inmates and their families. When writing a letter to an inmate, you always need to use simple language and avoid symbols or letters used as a secret code. It would also be plausible to write about your news and things to upgrade an inmate’s mood while being in prison.

All letters are opened by a third party to ensure that everything written is legit. You cannot send any staples, gifts, perfumes, stickers, or anything that an inmate could use for an unlawful purpose. On the other hand, an inmate should have his own money to pay for postage. Usually, paper, pens, and envelopes are provided by the correctional facility. However, it is important to know that communication through letters is a slow procedure since authorities should carefully check incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Connecting Via Phone Calls

Receiving phone calls from inmates is the latest option for some prisons with less strict security policies. Prisoners can call their friends and families from public phones. There is no way to directly connect to a landline from a prison public phone without proper authorization. That happens for security reasons. Many companies are there to help you register and receive authorized phone calls from inmates.

The inmate has the chance to perform a collect call or even pay for his call right at the spot. There is no way for friends and family to contact their inmates in prison by calling in. Prisons don’t have call centers, and only outgoing calls from inmates are authorized on certain designated dates and areas.

Dealing with inmates’ communication issues is crucial for their health and could support them until their case is settled in court. For more information, you can visit our site at

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