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Is the 10% Option Beneficial for the Bail Reform?

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The 10% option is often spoken of as a benefit for the bail reform cause, but we don’t believe that this bail option is beneficial to bail reform. In fact, this option may actually hurt the causes behind this movement. If you’re facing criminal charges or you know a loved one that needs help, working with a reputable bail bondsman can help you secure bail sooner and get home to your loved ones.

Many proponents of the 10% option state that the whole purpose of the Bail Reform is to limit the time the accused spent sitting in jail while waiting for a trial or a judgment. This is part of the goal, but the whole movement also limits how many people don’t return to court. There are some defendants that won’t go back to court on their own, even if they post 10% of the total bond amount to get out of jail.

What is the 10% Option?

The 10% option is a bail tool that allows the accused to post 10% of their total bond amount in cash to secure their release. The main benefit of this option is that it allows a defendant to secure their own release without using a Bail Bond company. This option makes it easier for the defendant to leave and avoid returning to their court date later on, and it’s a real issue that courts face regularly.

Why This Option Hurts the Bail Bond Industry

The 10% Option allows the accused to avoid using a Bail Bond company to post bail. This makes it easier for these high-risk individuals to run after leaving jail. Bail Bond companies are known for helping individuals post bail and get out very rapidly and are among the most efficient ways to post bail. These companies also put in additional protections that help ensure defendants return for their court dates later on. The 10% option hurts these professionals and makes it easier for accused individuals to run away.

Making it Easier for the Accused to Run

Approximately 20% of all the accused are deemed a risk to run, and it’s these people that must post a bond to get out of jail before their court date. Out of all these individuals, some will run when they get out. This becomes easier to do because of the 10% cash option. As long as the individual can afford to put down 10% of the total bond amount, they can run away and only worry about losing that cash. This is often less costly than it would be to skip out on bail with a bail bond company. This makes it an easier tool for running away, and it’s something that the court systems should be considering.

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