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Why is Bail So Expensive? Affordable Bail Bonds Can Help!

Expensive Bail Bonds

Before someone who faces a criminal charge can get out of jail, they need to post bail. You may be familiar with the concept of bail and understand that the courts accept these payments as security for the accused person’s return to court.

However, like many others, you may struggle to understand why bail bonds are so expensive. Also, how do people who seemingly live on the wrong side of the tracks manage to pay these high bail amounts that the courts set?

Below, our expert team of bail bondsmen at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group discusses why bail bonds are so expensive. If you want to get a friend or family member out of bail, keep reading to learn how to quickly and easily get around these high bail costs.

What Are the Bail Amounts in Connecticut?

Under the Eighth Amendment, the court must set a reasonable bail amount to ensure that the defendant returns to court. However, while a bail amount may be reasonable, it is not necessarily affordable.

The average cost of bail for misdemeanors can range from a few hundred dollars to $20,000 or higher. Defendants facing felony charges, such as assault with a dangerous weapon, can expect a cash bail of $25,000 or more. In cases of first-degree robbery, the courts often set bail amounts of up to $100,000.

Crimes with a million-dollar bail set include:

  • Certain white-collar crimes
  • Large-scale drug or weapon possession and distribution
  • Violent crimes against children and law enforcement officials

What Factors Do the Courts Consider When Setting Bail?

How does the court calculate bail cost? Generally, the more serious the crime, the higher the bail amount. For example, bail for bank robbery is higher than bail for intoxication in public.

The courts follow a bail schedule that outlines bail amounts for each misdemeanor and felony. However, judges typically use these schedules as guidelines and have the discretion to set different bail amounts if they believe there is a good reason.

Generally, bail is higher for repeat offenders. The judge will increase the bail amount if the defendant has a criminal history.

The defendant’s risk profile is another factor in calculating bail. For example, an unemployed person with no family ties in the state may flee, especially if they have a history of failing to appear for court dates.

In these cases, the courts use bail to help ensure that the defendant returns to court. A high bail amount means the defendant suffers a significant financial loss if they decide to flee or skip their court appearance.

High bail amounts also reduce the likelihood that the defendant will violate any bail restrictions or pose a risk to the community. For example, someone who used a substantial amount to post bail will have the motivation to appear in court and follow all the conditions, such as refraining from using alcohol or contacting witnesses.

How To Get Around High Cost of Bail

If you have a friend or a family member in jail, how can you post their bail without money?

A property bail bond is one option, in which case the court will secure a lien against your home. With this type of bond, if the defendant fails to appear in court, you may lose your home.

Using cheap bail bonds is the easiest way to get a loved one out of jail. When using a cheap bail bonds service, you only pay a percentage of the bail amount. In return, a bail bondsman accepts responsibility for the entire bail amount should the defendant miss the hearing or flee the state.

Using the services of a cheap bail bondsman carries minimal risk, as the court doesn’t use your money or assets as security for your loved one’s appearance in court.

With professional bail bond services, you can secure your loved one’s immediate release from jail. Getting your friend or family member out of jail is also stress-free, and bail is significantly easier to afford.

Under state law, a non-refundable bail agent fee equals up to 10% of the bail amount. However, if the bail amount is less than $500, the fee is fixed at $50.

Need Bail Bonds in Connecticut?

At Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, our bail bond professional services are available 24/7. In addition to posting bail on behalf of your loved one, we will help them navigate the process and answer all their questions.

Don’t let a high bail amount keep your loved one in jail. Please schedule a consultation with one of our bail bond agents today.

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