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A Look At Bristol, Connecticut, Crime Rate

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Bristol, Connecticut, is a city in Hartford County with a population of just over 60,600 people. Bristol has a rich history, a vibrant downtown area, and beautiful parks. Generally, Bristol is a safe, family-friendly city with relatively low crime rates.

However, like most other cities of the same size, Bristol struggles with criminal activities. In this guide, we at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group examine the Bristol crime rate and outline the most prevalent crimes in the area. We also discuss the factors contributing to Bristol crimes and the measures to decrease conviction rates.

Bristol, CT, Overall Crime Rate

Bristol has a population of only around 60,600. However, calculating a crime rate per 100,000 allows us to compare apples with apples when evaluating crime statistics across various locations.

According to the FBI’s latest data, Bristol reported a conviction count of 835 during the last reporting period, equalling an overall crime rate of 1,394.3 for every 100,000 people.

The United States’ national rate is 2,346 per 100,000 people, and Connecticut’s is 1,746.7. Consequently, Bristol’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national and state-wide rates.

This relatively low crime rate is a positive sign and indicates that strategies by law enforcement officials and community leaders are effective. An aging population, improvements in Bristol’s economic conditions, and increased incarceration rates also contribute to this positive crime rate.

However, while the conviction rates for some crimes, such as larceny, murder, and burglary, are below the state-wide figures, there is room for improvement.

Bristol Violent Crime Rate

Violent crimes are criminal offenses involving the use of force against people. This crime category is the most serious due to the physical, emotional, and economic harm they can cause.

Bristol reported an overall violent crime rate of 115.2, while the crime rates for the United States and Connecticut were 387.8 and 181.6, respectively. With a total of 69 violent crime convictions, community safety risks in Bristol are relatively low.

Bristol’s aggravated assault rate of 38.4 is the lowest of all violent crimes and compares favorably with the national rate of 279.7. However, while the homicide rate of 3.3 is also lower than the national statistic, it is high enough to generate a sense of insecurity in the Bristol community.

The robbery rate of 55.1 significantly impacts Bristol’s public safety. The Bristol Police Department outlined various strategies in its fiscal year goals to reduce the rate of all violent crimes, including murder and robbery.

Bristol Property Crime Rate

Property crimes involve the theft or destruction of others’ property. These crimes can affect individuals, families, and businesses in several ways, with financial loss being the most significant.

In Bristol, the property crime rate is higher than the violent crime rate. With a total conviction count of 766, the city’s current property crime rate is 1,279.1 per 100,000 people. The good news is that this rate is lower than Connecticut and national rates.

Larceny is, by far, the most prevalent property crime in Bristol, with a conviction count of 533 and a rate of 890 per 100,000 people. At a rate of 183.7, burglary is the property crime with the lowest conviction count in Bristol. However, this rate is on par with the Connecticut burglary rate of 187.1.

Car thefts are also problematic in Bristol, CT, with a rate of 205.4, just below the national rate of 246. Bristol’s conviction counts for car thefts are higher than those for violent crimes. This offense is prevalent throughout Connecticut, with a state-wide rate of 236.8.

Factors Contributing to Crime in Bristol, CT

Bristol faces various economic, social, and environmental challenges contributing to crime. Poverty is a primary contributor to crime in Bristol, CT. In 2021, the median household income in Bristol was $73,604. However, despite this healthy figure, around 5% of all the families in Bristol live in poverty.

Poverty can limit households’ economic opportunities and access to quality healthcare and education. Individuals in these households often resort to criminal activity to survive.

To a certain extent, the cost of living in Bristol also contributes to crime. Bristol’s cost of living index is 110, exceeding the national index by 0.1. However, compared to other cities in Connecticut, Bristol is relatively affordable.

Substance abuse also contributes to crime. The opioid epidemic is a prominent contributor to crimes, such as drug dealing, theft, and assault in the city. The City of Bristol, Connecticut, Mayor’s Opioid Task Force is implementing various strategies to address this crisis.

The City of Bristol’s Recovery Alliance launched a campaign to provide addiction treatment. In Bristol, a person under the influence or possessing an illegal substance can choose treatment instead of arrest. As a result, fewer offenses lead to convictions, reducing the city’s official crime rate. These incentives can significantly improve the Bristol crime rate over the long run.

Bristol, CT, Crime Rate: Is Bristol Safe?

Bristol, Connecticut, is generally safe, with a crime rate well below the national and state rates. Violent crimes are more prevalent near the central business district, including Downtown Bristol and Federal Hill. The violent crime rates in Chippanee, Chippens Hill, Stafford District, and Bristol Northeast are among the lowest in the state.

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