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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Connecticut Who Are Most Followed on Social Media

Criminal Defense Attorney social media

Social media is growing every day. People from every field today are present on at least one social media channel. They market their services and offerings on these channels. Marketing on social media helps individuals and companies attract new clients. It also lets them meet potential clients and form long-term professional connections. 

With almost all professions marketing their services online, the legal profession is not far behind. Today, many lawyers and bail bonds companies have social media accounts where they interact with current and potential future clients. Whether you are looking for a lawyer or need bail bonds in Connecticut, you can find it on social media. 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels where you will find attorneys and lawyers. Like all other states, even in Connecticut, several lawyers are active on Twitter. We wanted to find how many criminal defense attorneys from Connecticut are present on Twitter. We were surprised to find quite a few criminal defense attorneys from Connecticut. Here is a list of the most followed criminal defense lawyers from Connecticut who have Twitter profiles.  

The Most Followed Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers on Twitter 

Here is a list of criminal defense lawyers from Connecticut who are active on Twitter: 

  1. @rossgarber – 13.4K Followers
  2. @lawbaron – 3,667 Followers
  3. @JimMiron – 2,075 Followers
  4. @RobinsonCole – 1,306 Followers
  5. @JDonnellyESQ – 1,110 Followers
  6. @RiccioLaw – 641 Followers
  7. @AttorneyScottGa – 566 Followers
  8. @TheLegalDiva – 336 Followers
  9. @rpaolino – 290 Followers
  10. @CTAttorney – 255 Followers
  11. @MuchinskyLaw – 222 Followers
  12. @fontainelaw – 218 Followers
  13. @DamonKirschbaum – 195 Followers
  14. @COP_LAW – 193 Followers
  15. @KaloidisLawFirm – 190 Followers
  16. @ct_dui_lawyer – 156 Followers
  17. @BigD2033 – 147 Followers
  18. @AttorneyUnger – 133 Followers
  19. @RobSConn – 128 Followers
  20. @MarkShermanLaw – 87 Followers
  21. @WalterDHussey – 74 Followers
  22. @Norm_Pattis – 63 Followers
  23. @hamptonlaw – 50 Followers
  24. @ShariShore – 45 Followers
  25. @joncantor – 35 Followers
  26. @PaolettiGusmano – 28 Followers
  27. @UryMoskow – 21 Followers
  28. @JackODonnellLaw – 21 Followers
  29. @JacobsDowLLC – 15 Followers
  30. @danwenner – 15 Followers
  31. @attorneycollier – 14 Followers 

How Criminal Defense Lawyers Use Twitter

From the perspective of growing and promoting their practice, many criminal attorneys in Connecticut have used Twitter as a marketing tool. They use it as a platform to expand their client base in Connecticut. Using Twitter and other social media channels can be beneficial because it allows criminal defense lawyers to connect with and know future clients. It also gives clients an idea about the lawyer, his/her work, style, and more.  

Having a good lawyer on your case will be very helpful. The lawyer will advise you about your legal rights and give you information about bail bonds. If you have been arrested for a criminal case in Connecticut and are looking for a bail bondsman, you may also need a criminal attorney. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group can refer you to a local attorney who may be able to help your case. For more info on bail in the state of CT, call today! 

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