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Things You Should Know About Drug Charges

Drug charge bail bonds

Drug charges are complex everywhere, and in Hartford, CT, it is no different. The police department of Hartford takes drug-related cases seriously, and it has been a long battle, especially in the South End Area. Drug offenses have become a serious case and are now resulting in serious criminal charges. Due to the severity of the case, an arrest may warrant the need for a good bail bondsman in Connecticut to help you out of jail while your case proceeds to court. It is important to know certain things when it comes to drug charges as this can help you avoid the terrible fate that comes with being charged with this crime. 


Drug possession is a serious drug crime with serious penalties. However, the severity of this crime depends on the quantity of these substances on you. In the state of Connecticut, you are not expected to have more than half-an-ounce of marijuana as it has exceeded the limit for personal use. In the case of cocaine, heroin, or certain prescription drugs, you may likely face a class A misdemeanor charge. This charge could result in you facing up to a year in jail or faced with a fine of $2000. It is also important to know that possessing a small number of certain substances can result in jail term. 

Denial of Possession

Just like being charged with possession of drugs, you can also be charged with denial of possession. In cases where you are only in proximity to these substances and not in possession of them, certain factors can turn this situation against you. Being in the same car as the person possessing narcotics doesn’t necessarily make you guilty of possession. Still, in the case where you have prior knowledge of the substances and contribute to its custody, you may also be facing drug charges. 

Possession With Intent to Sell

It doesn’t matter what your intentions are. If you are found in possession of drugs, you could still be accused of possession with intent to sell. In Connecticut, there is a high possibility of being charged in this manner if you possess more than the stipulated quantity for personal consumption. You can face tougher charges with substances like hallucinogens or narcotics. When charged with this crime, you could be facing up to 15 years in prison and a $50,000 fine in the case of a first offense. Other drugs may warrant a lesser penalty of about seven years imprisonment and a fine of $25,000. 

You will require the service of a bail bondsman to help you out of jail as you await trial

In order to build a strong defense, you are required to be out of jail, and you can only achieve this with the help of a well trained and experienced bail Bondsman. There are certain factors to consider before hiring a Bail bondsman, and some of them include experience, professionalism, and reputation. 

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