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Things You Should Know about Connecticut Prisons

The very first thing that anyone should know about Connecticut prisons is that you do not want to find yourself in one. If you do, a company that specializes in bail bonds in CT can help to get you out. You might think that there is no way such a thing could ever happen to you, even if you end up facing something relatively minor such as a DUI (driving under the influence) charge. After all, even if you get jail time for a DUI, it will be so little that you will serve that time in county jail, right? The problem here is that Connecticut differs from other states in that it has no county jails. 

So even if you just get a 10-day sentence for a DUI or any other criminal offense in the state of Connecticut, you will see the inside of a prison. Connecticut has a total of 14 prisons, not counting federal prisons located in the state. The very first prison in Connecticut was the Old Newgate Prison in East Granby which has a very interesting back story that deserves more than one book being written about it. This prison was first built as a copper mine in 1705 when Connecticut was still a colony. Unfortunately, it failed to make much of a profit as a copper mine so the colony decided to use the mine’s tunnels as a prison! It’s hard to imagine the poor conditions that those prisoners had to endure. The Old Newgate Prison in East Granby was used to hold prisoners during the revolutionary war and became the state prison in 1790, 85 years after being built as a mine.

The best-known prisons in Connecticut

Approximately 14,000 people are incarcerated in Connecticut state prisons (not counting those in federal prisons.)  According to some statistics, Connecticut locks up 468 people per 100,000 residents which does not make it the worst state when it comes to incarceration rates but not the best either. One of the best things that you can do if you are arrested and accused of any crime is bail out as soon as possible because being inside one of Connecticut’s prisons can be a very traumatic experience. Some of the best-known prisons that you might end up in if you are arrested in the state of Connecticut include:

York Correctional Institution

York Correctional Institution is in Niantic and is the state’s only prison that is fully dedicated to housing female inmates.

Bridgeport Correctional Center

Bridgeport Correctional Center was built in 1958; it is a level 4 high-security prison that is used to house both pretrial and sentenced males.  

Cheshire Correctional Institution

One of the most interesting things about the Cheshire Correctional Institution is that when it was built in 1910, inmates from Wethersfield State Prison were used to build part of it. Imagine helping to build a prison where you yourself might be confined one day; a dreadful prospect that a bail bondsman in Connecticut can get you out of. Click here for more:

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Valuable items that can be used to bail someone out of jail

Being arrested can happen to any of us for a number of reasons. You do not even have to be guilty of anything for such a thing to happen. If this has happened to you, you will eventually get your day in court and the whole issue will be resolved, but it could take months or even longer for that to happen. Fortunately, most people do not necessarily have to sit in jail while their case is resolved because they will be granted the opportunity to post bail. 

Varying Bail Amounts

The amount of bail that the court will ask for depends on various factors such as how serious the offense in question and the court’s opinion about whether you might flee or not if set free; but that amount is often more than people can afford. That’s where bail bondsmen come in. You can get bail bonds in CT for a small percentage of the amount that the court has set for bail; and if you do not have that small percentage, you might be able to negotiate with a bail bondsman to accept something of value as collateral to get out of jail. Here are some common things that people use for this purpose:

Motor vehicles

If you find yourself in a position where you have to give a bail bondsman collateral to get out of jail, one of the best things that you can use for this is a car or other motor vehicle. Of course, the more expensive the vehicle happens to be better, especially if the bail in question is quite high. You will have to make sure to go to court just as you are supposed to and to follow all the court’s orders to the letter or you might lose the vehicle.


One of the things that just about any bail bondsman should be willing to accept is property such as a house or a piece of land; again, the more expensive the property in question the better. If you do not have a property to use for this purpose, you could ask the family to help you.  


Jewelry is something that most bail bondsman will readily accept, especially if it happens to be a piece of jewelry that has been professionally appraised. If you happen to have old jewelry that you inherited from family members, you might want to find out exactly what it is worth.


You or a family member might have investments such as stocks or bonds that you might want to offer a bail bondsman if you don’t have the cash to pay for a bail bond. Just keep in mind that you might not get the value that you expect from those investments, but you should be able to negotiate this.

Other items

Most of us have valuables around the house that we could sell or pawn if we are stuck in a bad spot. You might want to pawn some belongings such as a TV or stereo system to get a bail bond. Click here for more:

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Get Your Questions About Bail Bonds Answered

These top questions always come up regarding bail bonds and what to expect with them. With many different bail bond options to go with, you can find out more not only about your own specific questions but also the secured vs unsecured bonds that are offered. These both come with pros and cons, but having an idea about bonds, or having your questions answered is the best way to get the help you need.

When you have questions and you need bail bonds, then make sure to read the questions and answers regarding the bail bonds you’re searching for. 

Can I Refund my Bail Bond?

Bail bonds are non-refundable. You pay for the service and using a company to provide the bond is more efficient and effective. You pay them a fee, they put up the money, and the person has to fulfill the duties. 

Are the Bail Bonds Tax Deductible?

Bail bonds are not tax-deductible, so you want to keep this in mind when you are requesting one. You cannot claim them on your taxes.

Is Bail Bond One Thing or Do They Mean Two Different Things?

Sometimes the two are used together or interchangeably, but they do mean two different things. Bail is how much a defendant needs to pay the courts to get out of jail before their trial or hearing. Bond is a bail bond which is usually used by the defendant to cover the cost of the bail to get out of jail. This is usually provided through a service that offers these types of bonds. 

What Exactly is a Bail Bond Hearing?

A bail bond hearing is when the person wants to use a bond to get out of jail and present their money to the court system while awaiting their formal trial. This is an entire hearing where the defendant has to go up in front of the judge, as well as others in the courtroom and request to be let go because they have the money to pay the amount of bail that was set up for them. 

Even with a bail bond, the person may not be released depending on a number of factors. This is dependant on the specific case and the charges that were put up against the person standing trial. If the defendant doesn’t show up for the hearing or trial, they will have to give up what the bail bond covers, while also getting into further trouble for being a no-show while out on bail. 

Bail bonds are important because they allow the person to afford to leave the jailhouse while they await their trial. It helps them gather the help they need and be with their families before their time in court.

Search through the many bail bond options, to find out how they can provide the right loan that you may be in need of. You just need to call and speak with our group to find out what bond fits the needs that you have.

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The History of Bail in Connecticut, Connecticut Regarding Bail

The History of Bail in Connecticut

Bail is an important part of any country. It is an essential part of the criminal justice system of our country. Whenever you have a problem with the law and get arrested, you can bail out of jail until your trial starts. If you’re in the state, look into Connecticut bail bonds for help. Not all crimes get the opportunity of paying bail, especially felonies and cases when the defendant has not shown up to court before. 

Relevant Cases from Connecticut Regarding Bail

Connecticut is an important state, not only because we are considered the constitution state but we have had cases that have been the foundation of many bail statutes and regulations. These cases are Nicolls Vs. Ingersoll and Taylor Vs. Taintor. Bail Bondsmen have received a power that over their bondee and also the creation of Bail Enforcement Agents appeared.  

The First Important Case Regarding Bail in Connecticut

The first case we mentioned is Nicolls Vs. Ingersoll happened in 1803. Nicolls got arrested in Connecticut and requested a bail bondsman to cover the bail. Nicolls went back to his home in New York. Ingersoll, who was hired by the bail bondsman, arrived at his home and requested to enter. Nicolls did not let him enter his home. Ingersoll returned with two other men and entered without authorization. He arrested him and brought him back to Connecticut to the court. 

Nicolls claimed that the agent that the bail bondsman hired use excessive force and did not have the right to apprehend him in his own home. That is why he filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment, trespassing, assault, and battery. In the end, the jury ruled in favor of Ingersoll, and proved that bail needs to be protected,

This became a big deal for bail not only in Connecticut but in the whole country that even the Supreme Court ratified this situation in 1810. The jury of this case ruled in favor of the bail bondsman and established that the relationship between these two is contractual. The jury practically gave its approval to hire a Bail Enforcement Agent to arrest the bondee in the name of the bail bondsman. Furthermore, the power of arrest was in any state in the country.

The Second Relevant Case Regarding Bail in Connecticut

In the second case of Taylor Vs. Taintor which happened in 1866, Edward Mcguire was arrested for grand larceny. He got a bail bond for worth $8,000.00, then he returned to his home in New York. Nobody knew he had an arrest warrant for a crime committed in Maine. Therefore Main authorities requested his extradition from New York. He was extradited and charged with burglary. He was found guilty and got a sentence of fifteen years in 1987. This means that Mcguire was not presented to the Connecticut court and the bond was requested. The bondsmen claimed that Mcguire was not failing to be presented in court but was legally imprisoned in Maine. The ruling was not in favor of the bondsman but it did establish the power of bondsmen to arrest and present a bondee before the court. 

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The Average Cost To Post Bail In Hartford, CT

Calculating The Average Cost To Post Bail In Hartford, Connecticut

hartford bail bonds costs

Do you want to know how to post a bail in Hartford CT? Do you find it difficult in calculating the average cost of posting bail in Hartford CT? If yes, you are not alone.

Many people face difficulties to understand a bail post and procedures. Moreover, the cost will vary depending on the charge.

If you are looking for more information on bail, cost, and procedures, you can go through the following article. This article will focus on all the details to help you to take the right decision at the time of need.

How to post a bail in Hartford, Connecticut

 hartford bail bonds posting bail in Hartford, CT 

If you are arrested in Hartford, then you will be sent to the police station. The police will decide the amount of bail bond as a condition to release you from the jail. The amount of bail bond will depend on many factors and circumstances. The police will do a proper inquiry about your criminal record to decide the bail amount. They will go through the following questions.

• Do you have any criminal record?

• Do you live out of your state?

• Do the allegations prove that you are a threat to your community?

• Are you a flight risk?

You cannot deal with all these without the help of a licensed and experienced service. If you want to understand your legal rights, then you should contact an experienced bail bonds agent in Hartford such as Connecticut Bail Bonds Group. This company is thoroughly experienced and can help you to get a bail even with a limited budget. Hartford Bail Bonds are complex, and you need professionals to help you all throughout the process.

What are the requirements in Hartford, CT?

This is the first question that will come to your mind while thinking of a bail bond. The first requirement is to be aware of the procedures and cost. You can get all the required information from a bail bondsman. You need to share all your details such as the period of arrest, charges, and any criminal record. All these things are important to know more about the amount. Besides, you should give the details of the arrested person to help bondsman to get accurate information from police.

They will need all the details including the date of birth and the place of incarceration. Then they will call the police department to know the amount and charges. If you hire the professionals, they will take care of everything. They will ensure that the process will be hassle-free. They will deal with the condition intelligently and calmly. Requirements may vary depending on location, for example – Dallas Bail Bonds may be different then Bail Bonds in Hartford, CT.

What will the experts do?

They will inquire about the bail amount and will make the release fast. But for this, they will need some information about the person who is arrested. With accurate information, they can do their job in the best possible manner.

The jail

They will first try to know about the jail where the person is detained. All the jails do not follow the same procedure. Their work process is also a bit different. Therefore, they need to know the jail name first to understand the procedure and to initiate the process fast.

The details of the subject

The next step is the details of the person. There are possibilities that two people with the same name are arrested on similar charges. That will certainly create confusion. In that case, the date of birth and location can help. You need to make sure that spelling and date of birth are accurate. Any wrong information will only complicate the matter.

What will be the bail amount?

As mentioned earlier, the bail amount will be decided by the charges and previous history. The state laws and certain factors including the type of crime will decide the amount.

The problem with most people is that they cannot arrange money immediately to post a bail. In that condition, the bail bond company can come to your rescue. Y

ou will have flexible payment options. Bail amounts can range depending on the bail your judge sets. If you have a $5,000 bail set, you can end up paying $500. It is best to contact a professional bail bondsman in Hartford, CT before worrying about price.

How to find the best company to post a bail

If you’re in Hartford CT, you will find many companies that offer help for a bail bond. Instead of choosing any of them, you need to do your own research to know which one has the required skill and experience to make the process fast and hassle-free. One of the reliable and popular companies in Hartford CT is Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

With over 160 reviews in Hartford, it is clear that we are the option for speedy bail in Hartford, CT. Contact us today for a free consultation to get your loved one home safe, fast/

How to Post Bail in Hartford, CT

How To Post Bail In Hartford, CT After An Arrest Has Been Made

Posting Bail In Hartford Connecticut 

When an individual is arrested for a particular crime, he or she will be allowed to post bail with a court of law in order to be released from police custody pending the outcome of the trial. If you need to learn the process of posting bail bonds in Hartford, or statewide in Connecticut, read on to learn how bail works.

This is generally known as posting bail. However, there’re some ways to post bail. The judge has the power to set different types of bail for an individual in jail. Below are some types of bail payments acceptable in Hartford CT:

1. Cash Payment For Immediate Bail 

How to Post Bail in Hartford, CT

In most cases, bail is a set amount of money that the defendant must pay for him or her to get out of jail. This amount isn’t fixed and will widely vary depending on the severity of crime done.

2. Signature Bond’s

This is an alternative kind of bond which allows an individual who has been arrested to go out of jail without paying money for bail.
If the court judge allows this type of bond, the arrested person will leave the jail without paying anything provided that he or she signs a document stating his or her presence for any required hearings or court dates.
However, in some cases, a small amount will be required alongside the defendant’s signature.

3. Property bond

It allows a person in jail to use the deed to property that he or she owns, their family or even friends as security to ensure that one returns to court for case hearings later. Property bonds are less common in Hartford.

What happens after arrest in Hartford?

The History of Bail in Connecticut, Connecticut Regarding Bail

After being arrested for committing a certain crime in Hartford CT, you’ll first be taken to a local police station and be booked in for arrest.
During the booking process, your photograph, fingerprints, and other personal information will be taken.
After that, you’ll be held in a cell awaiting case hearing with the judge regarding your trail. However, if in any case you’ve been arrested on a Friday or a weekend, it’s likely that you’ll remain in the cell until Monday when court business runs as usual.
After your case hearing has been scheduled, you’ll be taken to court typically in a van or bus. During the preliminary hearing process, the judge will offer you the chance to post bail to secure your release pending the outcome of the trial. However, depending on the severity and nature of the crime committed, accompanied by the previous criminal history, the opportunity to post bail can be denied by the judge altogether.

Hartford CT, Bail Schedule 

You’ll find out that judges base their bail amounts off of the Bail schedule which is typically a document that is produced annually to give a guideline for different bail amounts depending on the crimes. Also, the bail schedule provides the maximum as well as the minimum bail costs for different crimes.

Hire A Bail Bondsman 

If you get the opportunity to post bail, it will be processed via a bail bonds agent or bail bondsman. However, in Hartford CT a bail bondsman isn’t allowed to determine the amount they’re charging.
However, they receive only 10% of the bail amount due to the services they offer. After being released on bail, it doesn’t mean that you of the charges filed against you.
You’ll still be required to appear to court on certain dates, and you may be sentenced to jail immediately after the conclusion of trials depending on the outcome.
Before getting any bail bond agent, ensure that you check for their identification and license so that you can be sure that you’re working with legitimate people.
Also, don’t forget to take all the receipts and copies of the signed documents. Apart from this, you can check if the bail bondsman has got any kind of payment plan to offer.
Most bail bondsmen offer payment option plans with respect to your credit history. As there are multiple bail bond misconceptions, it is important to make sure you vet out your bondsman to ensure you and your family is working with a trusted advisor.

Skipping Court Dates 

If one skips the required court date after being released on bail, the responsibility of appearing to the court lies to the bails bondsman and the defendant. In this case, the bondsman won’t receive any commission until the trial is over and the defendant is cleared or sentenced to charges.
Due to this, the bail bonds company will contract a bounty hunter in order to apprehend the bail jumper to ensure their appearance in a court of law and trial conclusion.

In Conclusion 

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Hartford county, start by contacting a trusted Hartford Bail Bonds company. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group will ensure you’re released and back with your loved ones quickly. We service the greater Hartford area but also service Connecticut as a whole. Contact a trusted Hartford Bail Bonds group today and get your loved one, back home. You can also learn more about Connecticut Bail Bonds Group here.


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