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Possible Defenses To Drug Possession Charges In Connecticut

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Drug accusations are taken seriously by law enforcement agencies. Most of them are crimes that may result in lengthy prison times or significant penalties. You may have to hire bail experts such as CT bail bonds to get you or a loved one out of custody. Worse, suspects may end up with criminal records, which limits them from getting work or finding housing. Aside from that, minor drug-related offenses can result in jail time, among other adverse effects. It’s worth mentioning that strict laws apply to offenses like growing, possessing and distributing, etc.

Fortunately, there are specific defenses that your legal counsel can use to acquit you from drug possession accusations. Alternatively, you can have the evidence presented against you suppressed or get a plea deal to reduce the gravity of your accusations. The defense type your attorney employs has to counter your charges effectively.

Drug Possession: Criminal Defense In Hartford

Often, Hartford drug offense attorneys implement the following defenses to counter drug possession;

1. A Reasonable Explanation

Connecticut allows residents to possess medicinal marijuana as long as they have a doctor’s approval and have made an application for a medicinal marijuana identification card.  The law also allows you to possess prescription medications from a physician.  However, even as a first-time offender, you may incur a minor fee if you do not comply.

2. Unlawful Searches Or Seizures

According to the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the law doesn’t allow enforcement agencies to search you or your premises without probable cause or warrant. Yet, in several drug instances, the authorities don’t make any effort to get a search warrant. Further, the law neither allows them to check you based on your appearance nor search your property before obtaining a search warrant. Assuming that the law enforcement abused your constitutional rights, the judges can throw out the proof presented before them.

3. Breaches In The Custody Chain

Investigators should account for drugs from their seizure to the day they present them before judges as evidence. Should the law enforcement be unable to demonstrate that the said drugs were under their care during that period, the judge can throw out the pieces of evidence citing suspicions of tampering.

4. Drugs Belonging To Other Parties

In cases where drugs belong to other individuals, things can get complicated. For instance, you may be driving a vehicle belonging to someone else with narcotics in its trunk; the defense can maintain that the drugs belong to the owner of the car. On the other hand, assuming you and a friend are within the same house with drug access, the case can become complex.

5. Forced Possession

The authorities cannot deceptively plant drugs or substances on you; for instance, through speed limit interrogations where they deceptively put drugs into your pockets.

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