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Connecticut State Employees Still Without Medical Leave For Families

Connecticut State Employees Still Without Medical Leave For Families

Businesses in Connecticut are forced to abide by the state’s latest Paid Family Medical leave regulations. However, Connecticut has had trouble getting this provision to work for non-unionized employees. This would include local bail bondsmen serving the Tolland County area, like Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Over 60,000 businesses enrolled with Connecticut to begin a compulsory deduction of 0.5% in payroll for the non-unionized and private sector employees.

The leader of the Republican House, Vincent Candelora, gave his opinion about this provision in a letter to Kevin Lembo, State Comptroller. In the letter, he said that Connecticut did not have a process to implement payroll deductions on its own. He mentioned that this was proof that this program was not fully ready to be rolled out yet. He reiterated that these kinds of problems with the program, along with COVID-19, supported the theory that it should not have been implemented so soon.

Further, a spokesperson from Lembo’s office stated that their financial software cannot correctly apply the deductions. Hence, a decision had been taken to further delay the process till a customized solution could be found to ensure that employees that did not qualify for this provision were not charged.

What’s Next For Connecticut’s Non-Union Employees?

As a result, all non-union payroll deductions will not start in the second pay cycle in the month of April. A 1% catch-up for each pay cycle is expected to get the retroactive total back to 01 January.

Republicans last year had constantly asked Gov. Ned Lamont to further push the implementation of the paid family medical leave program, stating it would create a lot of stress for businesses and cash-strapped residents. With this in mind, it was decided to again delay paid medical leave for families of state employees.

The Fight For Paid Medical Leave Continues

The Connecticut Paid Leave Authority has now held a press conference to encourage over 44,000 businesses to abide by this new paid family medical leave program.

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