Drug Trafficking Bail Bonds CT

If an individual is arrested amidst the process of drug trafficking, a bail bond for the convicted is usually set quite high. In most cases, individuals in such situations are immediately transported from the sight of the arrest to the booking station. This is likely to be a local police station where they will be further processed with and booked after their statements, fingerprints, and photographs are recorded. Following, the alleged individuals are given a court date to appear in front of a judge who will base his/her opinion surrounding drug trafficking bonds on the affidavit of the arresting officer. The judge will set high bonds on the arrested if the information provided by the arresting officer shows that they had been involved in the trafficking of illegal and potentially dangerous drugs, either of a narcotic or chemical substance.

A number of bonds involved in such cases have been noted at a very high cost, somewhere around $250,000. This price indicates that the families, or whoever is in ties with the alleged, will be required to pay a premium of ten percent, a bond of $25,000 via the bondsman. This high price is a way to deliberately discourage the ones who are afraid of the mandatory stay in prison, or at a high risk.

The judge who rules on matters concerning the drug trafficking bail bond amount is different from a trial judge. The judge handling the bond itself will determine his/her verdict via a short hearing and will confirm a concrete reasons for the arrest. The bond is then recorded and forwarded to the State Attorney office for pre-filing. If the alleged wishes to have the bond reduced he/she can place an argument through a criminal defense attorney to the bond judge by showing the client’s reasons for such. These variables may cover the accused’s educational background, community ties, and lack of any other prior offenses. Mostly, such bonds are to ensure that the accused appears to court as scheduled and other concerns like the community’s safety.

A noted possibility of the appeal on the bond amount failing should be considered. The alleged may also receive assistance on the same trial from the judge. On such an appeal, the trial judge needs to witness an affidavit and credible proof of where the bond money will be sourced from. The judge aims to know the affidavit and sources of the bond money to make sure that you are not going to generate it from drug trafficking or any other illegal activities.

NOTE: If you get yourself involved with high bonds or any of your family/friend is involved, don’t hesitate to call on assistance from experts. Regulations about drug trafficking bail bonds and any other bonds which you may require assistance on differs from state to state. PLEASE make sure you deal with a local professional who understands the state’s legal system.

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