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The Police Department of Hartford CT

The Police Department of Hartford CT is located at 253 High Street, Hartford. At present, the interim chief is Jason Thody.

Hartford is a great and beautiful city that deserves the best in terms of safety and peace. The Police Department of Hartford CT says they are dedicated to serving the community and its people. For every business, person, organization, and residents, they aim to partner with in order to enhance the greatness of the city.

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut; in the U.S. it is famous as the Hartford county’s historic seat, which was there before Connecticut disbanded in the year 1960. The population of the city according to the census of 2010 is 124, 775. This means it is the fourth largest city in Connecticut.

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General Information

The Police Department of Hartford is a little place in this city. The city is an 18-square mile city home. There are many highlights of the city beauty which begins with international cultural attractions. Many of its entertainment venues have an award or two to their names. If you are a diner, there are usually cool places to satisfy your bud. Hartford has world-class dining spots. All these are available for your pleasure when the city’s police department takes care of your safety and smooth living.

The mission of the department is quite clear. They want the quality of life in the city to be at its best. Therefore, they have thought of ways to make partnering with the residence and organizations and stakeholders. Together, they will look at issues and problems and think of the ways forward.

These are their aims and they have been working towards it for years, recruiting interested people that are at least 21 years of age. The recruitment can be challenging at first but it is all for the common good.


For those who want to reach this location, the department is nearer when you are at Albany Avenue Laundry (also Albany Ave). there is a shorter distance to your destination once you are at Keney memorial tower. Usually, the traffic can be high at certain periods of the day. If you are driving the estimated Distance for reaching the department is 0.2 miles. Driving can be smooth or slow, depending on traffic and your car speed.

Once you begin at Albany Ave, you should head southeast as if you are heading towards Main Street. You are 0.12 miles closer to your location. Take a turn towards High Street. Your journey is about 0.08miles. Perhaps you have driven too far to Ely St before you are thinking of taking a turn, you have gone too far. You need to go back to High Street and take a right turn. Keep going. You will see the department on the right side.

The city of Hartford is one of the places with many insurance company headquarters. You will get to see one of the buildings or many of them. the city is about 400 years old, giving it a position among the oldest cities in the country.

Important Note

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