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The Police Department of New Haven CT

Police Department of New Haven, CT is the organization with the power of enforcing the law in the city. It is responsible for law enforcement and other related issues in New Haven, Connecticut. It is an agency that was formed in the year 1861. The Chief at the moment is Otoniel Reyes. The department boasts of about 358 officers. They have only one detention center but their district substations are 10.

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General Information

The New Haven Police Department has a very beautiful approach to making peace reign. As an example, the police officers employ civilians through a program called Community Oriented Policing Services. These hired civilians are mainly for administrative purposes, hired to help the sworn officers.

To make their mode of operation swift and easy, they have divided up into several teams that perform specific functions. Crisis negotiation team is specialized in situations of getting to defuse hostage or talk to a suicidal person. The scuba team also known as USRT is a specialist in performing underwater research and recoveries. Lastly, there is the SWAT team which is usually involved with the use of snipers or involved in gunfight situations.

New Haven is a coastal city in Connecticut. It is located on Long Island Sound. The city is very popular especially because of the presence of the famous Ivy League, Yale University. Some of the beautiful places to talk about in the city are the university museum including the Museum of Natural History and Yale University Art Gallery and Natural History.

There are other beautiful sites you can explore in the city maybe before you visit the Police Department of New Haven, CT. they include Kline Biology Tower, Knights of Columbus Building, Crown towers. There is the ‘Green,’ which is a beautiful park, a large area that spans about 16 acres. Another place for the lovers of nature is called East Rock Park, which is extremely large at about 425 acres of land.

Police Department Location

There are many different routes you can take to reach the Police Department of New Haven, CT. it could be from Hartford or starting from Bridgeport or New London. From Hartford, you will turn and head northwards. When you are ready, take a 1-91. This will stop at the first exit and you should stop too.

This new place is DOWNTOWN. Now, look for signs of the railroad and find it, staying in the right lane as you go. Then turn sharply in right-hand, u-turn at the exit. Head over to Union Avenue by turning a right at stoplight. You should know that Union Ave is a key area that shows you are closer to your destination, Police Department of New Haven, CT. go below the bridge overpass. You will find the department at some 100 yards on your right side.

Believing is shared responsibility is the greatest watchword at the Police Department of New Haven, CT. each man and woman think of himself or herself as the guardian of this city. They also talk about partnering with the community as an effort to really share responsibility. Click to learn more about crime in New Haven, Connecticut.

Important Note

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