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Parole Violation Bail Bonds in CT

Parole Violation Services in Connecticut

Need help posting bail for a parole violation?

In the state of Connecticut, parole violation bail bond services play a vital role in helping individuals secure their release from custody while awaiting their parole violation hearings.

Parole Violation Services in Connecticut

Parole bonds are used when a prisoner has been released from prison on parole. This bond is used as an incentive for the prisoner, and certain terms will be set and must be kept after his or her release. Terms that are set for the release of the individual must be met and kept.

In the case that you violate your probation, there is absolutely no right to connection, no right to a speedy trial, and no entitlement that you’re found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are many restrictions to parole violations, and you may need to get in contact with a licensed bail bondsman to discuss them further.  Here at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, we serve all over the Connecticut area, and we can assist you with parole violation bail bonds.

Steps in a Parole Violation Bail Bond

If you or someone you know has violated the terms of parole and is seeking to obtain a bail bond, it’s essential to understand the process involved. The steps can be slightly different depending on the specific legal jurisdictions involved, but in general, the process is as follows:

1. Arrest

A person on parole can be arrested if they violate the terms and conditions of their parole. These violations can range from failure to report to their parole officer, traveling out of state without permission, or committing a new crime.

2. Violation Hearing

After the arrest, the parolee will typically go through a violation hearing. This hearing is to determine if a violation of parole has indeed occurred.

3. Set Bail

If a violation is found, the judge may decide to set a bail amount. This will depend on the severity of the violation, the risk of flight, the criminal history of the offender, and their ties to the community. Not all parole violations will have a bail set; some may result in immediate imprisonment.

4. Contact Bail Bonds Company

If bail is set, the next step is to contact a bail bonds company. They will need information about the person in custody, including their full name, date of birth, the jail they’re held in, and the bail amount.

Sign Agreement5. Sign Agreement

You (or whoever is assisting the parolee) will need to sign a bail bond agreement with the bail bondsman. This agreement is a legally binding contract that promises the full bail amount will be paid if the defendant does not appear in court or violates probation.

6. Payment

Usually, a percentage of the total bail amount is paid to the bondsman. This fee is non-refundable and serves as the bondsman’s payment for their services.

7. Posting Bail

Once the bail bond agreement is signed and the fee is paid, the bail bondsman will post bail for the parolee.

8. Release

The parolee will then be released from jail, typically under the condition that they will appear at all scheduled court hearings and comply with any court-ordered conditions set by the probation officer.

9. Court Appearances

It’s essential for the parolee to attend all court appearances and comply with the terms of their bail and parole. If they fail to appear, the bondsman may send out an arrest warrant and hire a bounty hunter to locate and return the parolee to jail, and the person who signed the bail bond agreement will be responsible for paying the full bail amount.

10. Closure

If the parolee complies with all court orders and makes all their court appearances, the case will eventually be closed, and the bail bond will be exonerated or completed, meaning there is no further financial obligation to the bail bond company.

Parole Violation Bail Bonds: Is Violation of Probation a Felony in CT?

A probation violation is not in itself categorized as a felony or a misdemeanor. It is considered a separate criminal offense that may result in additional penalties on top of the original sentence set by the parole officer. The severity of the penalty for violating probation in Connecticut typically depends on the original offense. For example, if the original offense was a felony, then the probation violation could result in the reinstatement of the original jail sentence.

Common Violations of Bail Relationship Conditions

When an individual is released under any form of bail, they can face serious consequences if they violate probation conditions.

Common Violations of Bail Relationship Conditions

For example, if this person, either before, during, or after their release, is charged with a felony related to the same behavior that led to their initial arrest, they commit a grade 6 felony if they knowingly fail to appear for trial or other proceedings in the case where the parole violation bail bond was granted, or if they knowingly break the conditions of the bail.

Similarly, if this person is charged with a misdemeanor related to their initial arrest, they commit a class 3 misdemeanor if they knowingly fail to attend the trial or other proceedings, or if they knowingly breach the conditions of the bail.

Persons found guilty under these provisions cannot receive probation or a suspended sentence. They will face a mandatory prison sentence of no less than twelve months for violations under the first subsection, and no less than six months for violations under the second subsection. These sentences must be served consecutively with any sentence for the crime for which they were originally granted bail.

Criminal charges under these provisions can be tried either in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred or in the jurisdiction where the court that granted bail is located, if it’s in the same state. For further assistance, you can reach out to our bail bond agents in central Hartford.

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