In most of the assault charges, the bail is set in a bail bond schedule and the schedule is set by the local judges in order to prevent any backlogs in the court.

A person could be bailed out in as little as a few hours of an assault charge against him due to bail bond schedule. If the charge against the person involves severe property damage or any bodily damage, the defendant can be arrested and held for further interrogation in front of a judge.

There are also several stipulations that are carried in the assault bail bonds in order to protect the victim from any type of harassment from the defender. A very important part of an assault bond is the personal protection order. Basically it has a set of parameters that any defendant must obey. If there is any violation of any one of these parameters, the bail of the defendant is cancelled and they will be arrested again and returned to jail.

The personal protection order says that depending on the intensity of the crime done by the defendant, the defendant must always maintain a distance from the victim ranging from 100 yards to 100 feet all the time.

The no contact order prohibits any kind of contact done by the defendant to a victim. The defendant can’t contact any of the victims in any way under any circumstances such as over the phone, text messages or email.

The cost of the assault bail bond can vary depending on the intensity of the assault charges against the defendant. It can range from a couple thousand dollars for a small battery assault to 10x the amount for larger cases of assault. For more information on assault bail bonds, call the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.