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Ways to Spend Less Time in Jail

Spend Less Time in Jail

Getting imprisoned is undoubtedly not something you wish for yourself or your loved ones. But when it happens, you can’t stop living. In a case where it is impossible to get a bail bonds Connecticut, or appeal for reduced sentencing or avoid going to jail totally, there are several other means of serving shorter jail time. Following any of these methods, a prisoner can have his or her sentence shortened so that they can return to their family on time. Listed below are the best ways to get out of jail quickly.

Put in Some Hard Work as a Trustee

Becoming a prison trustee is one of the ways in which a prisoner can get a shorter sentence. As a prison trustee, you will get assigned several tasks to do in prison. These tasks are usually simple and might not even require you to have any skill in particular. Examples of such tasks are; cleaning the yards, taking out the trash, helping in the kitchen, and several other prison-related menial jobs.

Combining your position as a prison trustee, with good behavior, and a low bond will go a long way to help reduce your sentence. Those with non-violent convictions even stand a better chance at getting their sentence reduced significantly. Being a prison trustee helps to put you in a good light. If you are good at what you are assigned to do, you might even catch the attention of some warden, whose recommendations will go a long way in helping to reduce your prison time.

Be of a Good Behavior

This is the most common reason for people getting out of jail early. Currently, prisoners are awarded credit based on good behavior. With their credits, prisoners can get about 54 days off their sentences per year. The good time credit as it is called can also be earned through taking up education courses and getting some certificates such as a GED. It is important to note that being of good behavior in prison could also put an inmate in the forefront of any favorable prison-related legislation. So, it pays to be of good behavior anywhere you find yourself.

Conquer an Addiction

Another way to get out of jail quickly is by facing an addiction head-on and wean yourself off it. By being able to keep your addiction under control, you will be awarded some points. These points will further help with your chances of getting reduced prison time. Apart from this being a good way to get out of jail quickly, it will also be of great benefit to you. Being free from addiction is a big deal, and I could be the only thing stopping you from getting back behind bars.

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