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Bail Out of Jail on a Probation Violation

A probation sentence is always preferable to imprisonment. While on probation, you can live with your family, receive addiction treatment, and enjoy your freedom. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may even be able to seek employment and earn an income.

However, while you are out on probation, you must meet a long list of strict requirements. Complying with all these restrictions can be challenging, which leads to the question: Can you bail out of jail on a probation violation?

In this post, our professional team at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group discusses how easy it is to bail out of jail after violating probation conditions.

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What Is a Probation Sentence in Connecticut?

Probation is an alternative to prison and a criminal sentence that a person must serve under a probation officer’s supervision. A judge can sentence a person to probation for any crime, except for a class A felony, if there is reason to believe that:

  • Imprisonment is not necessary to protect the public
  • Probation supervision allows for the guidance, treatment, or services that the defendant needs
  • A probation sentence is consistent with the ends of justice

A probation period is generally no longer than five years, depending on the offense. For example, class B felony convictions receive sentences of up to five years. A class D misdemeanor probation period is no longer than one year.

Violating Probation Conditions and Restrictions

The two types of probation violations are technical violations and second-offense violations:

Technical Violations

While out on probation, you must comply with various probation regulations. Most significantly, your probation officer will give you a date and time when you must report to them. Failing to attend one of these appointments is a technical probation violation.

Other examples of technical probation violations include failure to:

  • Appear in court
  • Pay court-ordered fines, fees, or restitution
  • Participate in or complete a court-ordered program, such as substance abuse rehabilitation or anger management
  • Comply with a no-contact, restraining, or protective order
  • Maintain employment
  • Pass a drug test

Failure to comply with case-specific regulations is also a technical violation. Examples of these violations include traveling out of state without your probation officer’s permission or possessing a firearm.

Second Offense Violations

A second offense violation is when you commit a crime while on probation. The courts take second offenses seriously and impose harsh penalties for these probation violations.

In addition to facing a charge for this unrelated second offense, you may face a suspended penalty from the original case. In other words, the court may turn your probation sentence for the first conviction into a prison sentence.

What Happens After Violating Probation

Not all probation violations have consequences. For example, if you miss a court-ordered appointment due to a medical emergency, your probation officer may let you off with a warning.

If your probation officer believes you have violated your probation, they can notify any police officer. This notice serves as a warrant for your arrest. The court can also issue an arrest warrant for violating any probation conditions.

After arrest, a bail hearing will take place. During this hearing, the court will decide if you can get out of jail on bond while waiting for the violation of probation hearing. If the court grants bail, the judge will set the bail amount.

A violation of probation hearing takes place within 120 days after the arrest. This hearing differs from a criminal trial in that the state only needs to prove that your probation violation is more likely than not. In other criminal cases, the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt.

If the court finds that you violated the probation restrictions, the judge may:

  • Continue the probation sentence without making changes
  • Add one or more restrictions to the probation sentence
  • Extend the probation sentence period
  • Revoke the probation sentence and replace it with a prison sentence

If the probation violation is a second offense, you will face a separate criminal charge with proceedings that include a separate bail hearing.

How Much Is a Probation Violation Bond?

Can you bail out of jail on a probation violation? The court will typically grant bail if:

  • The offense that received the probation sentence was non-violent
  • You received the probation sentence on a first offense
  • You complied with all bail conditions during the initial proceedings
  • You don’t have a record of repeat probation violations
  • You committed a technical violation and not a second offense violation
  • You have strong ties with the community
  • You maintained gainful employment throughout the probation period

The court also considers these factors when calculating the bail amount. Depending on the circumstances, the probation violation bond amount may be higher than the amount the court set at your first bail hearing.

The court will likely follow the bail schedule without increasing the amount if you are not a flight risk or danger to the community. However, suppose your probation violation was a second offense, and you received one or more warnings for technical violations. In this case, the judge may refuse bail or increase the bail amount significantly.

If you get out on bail, the court will be more likely to reinstate your probation during the violation of probation hearing. Seek legal representation during the bail hearing if you face a probation violation charge. If you want to know about penalties for a second-offense DUI, click here.

Need Bail Bonds in Connecticut?

Are you or one of your loved ones in jail on a probation violation charge? Even if the court grants bail, you may not have the money to bond out and get your freedom back.

At Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, we can help. In exchange for a non-refundable fee, our bail bondsmen can post a probation violation bond on your behalf and secure your immediate release. This service is available 24/7, including weekends and public holidays.

Once the court grants you bail, you should meet with your legal team and start working on your defense. Don’t let insufficient funds keep you in jail. Contact us today for a cheap, professional bail bond service.   

Can I Bail Out of Jail on a Probation Violation in Hartford, Connecticut

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