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Failure to Appear Bail Bonds in Connecticut

The main purpose of issuing bail to criminals is to ensure that they appear back in court for their hearing and can be released instead of detaining them in jail. In Connecticut, whenever a person is arrested he/she is taken straight to the nearest police station where the paperwork immediately begins. This usually involves activities like taking fingerprints and photographs along with completing the necessary paperwork to register the criminal as an offender of the law. Once the process is completed at the police station, the criminal is usually given the option of being released if he/she can pay a certain amount of money, which is called the bail amount.

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Types of Bonds We Specialize In

In most cases, criminals are unable to pay the heavy amount of bail that they are charged with to leave the police station. In situations where the accused want to be bailed out but are not able to pay the bail sum, a Connecticut bail bond company is usually contacted.

  • Bail bond companies specialize in freeing suspects by paying their bail amount for them and then charging a certain percentage of the total bail amount as their fees. Some failure to appear bail bonds also ask the criminal to give them some collateral as a fall back in case they run off and fail to appear for their court hearings. This is to minimize the risk that falls directly on the shoulders of these bail bonds companies and agents. However, once the criminal arrives for the court hearing, their collateral is returned to them but not their fees. Likewise, the court also refunds the bail amount to either the criminal or the bail bonds agent, whoever paid the bail.
  • A common way of getting out of jail is the citation. This method is pretty similar to the previous and does not require any bail bond agents because the police officer simply issues a citation to the accused informing him of his return to the court date. Another way of getting out of jail involves the help of bail bond agents as a cash bond is required. The full amount of bail imposed on the criminal has to be paid in cash to assure the criminal will appear on time for his / her court hearing so that the cash amount can be refunded.
  • Lastly, a popular form of getting out of jail is by using a surety bond. In this case, immediate cash is not paid but the bail bond company gives their word to the court that in case the criminal does not appear for his / her court hearing, they will bear all the fine and expenses.

Types of Bonds We Specialize In

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