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The Court System in New Haven CT

Navigating the court system in New Haven, CT is no hard task, especially when you get familiar with the courts. The New Haven Judicial District is located at 235 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510.

If you have a court appearance to meet up with, have been invited for jury duties, or have a loved one who you need to post a bail for in New Haven CT, there is some information which you need to know, such as how to get to the judicial district, opening time, accessibility and more. Below are some of the relevant information you need to know.

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Courthouse opening time

8:30 A.M.

Courthouse Hours

9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Parking information

The New Haven Judicial district does not offer a parking space for spectators and others who have business at the courthouse. However, those who are at the courthouse for any reason may choose to explore the private parking garage that is located immediately adjacent to the courthouse.

The private parking space is located on the corner of Church and Grove Streets. There is also another parking garage on Grove Street, The Grove Street Garage. This garage is located on 65 Grove Street.

Juror Parking

Jurors are allowed access to free parking. However, the free parking is only available on a first come first serve basis. As a juror on jury duty, you will be required to present a means of identification to be allowed to use this parking space. The juror parking garages available are Granite Square Parking Garage located between 680 and 700 State Street and the State and Audubon Surface Lot #38 located near Jet Cleaners. Sign faces State Street.

Important notice: Jurors are recommended to try the State and Audubon lot #38 first before the Granite Square Parking Garage.

It is recommended that jurors remember to place the REMINDER NOTICE so that it is visibly displayed on their dashboard. In addition, jurors should remember to detach and appear at the courthouse with the confidential Juror questionnaire portion of the document.

In the even jurors are unable to secure a spot in the free parking garages, they may need to pay for parking or proceed to make use of any other public or private parking facilities nearby.

Note: While there may be several lots with the sign “Courthouse parking”, only the two above-mentioned areas are free parking facilities provided for jurors.


From West Haven:

When traveling from West Haven, travel North on I-95 to Exit 47. Take Route 34 Oak Street Connector and follow the signs onto downtown New Haven. Exit off the first connector and take a right at the traffic light, this leading onto Church Street. Once on church street, the courthouse is located on the right just after the fifth traffic light.

From Wallingford, North Branford, ad Meriden:

When coming from any of these locations, travel South on I-91 to Exit 3. Exit 3 is located on Trumbull Street and go straight on the street to the third stoplight. Take a left turn at this light leading onto Temple Street and from here, take a turn on the left after the second stoplight onto Elm Street. Continue to drive onto the next light and turn left onto Church Street. The courthouse is located on the right of the next stoplight.  

From Hamden, Cheshire and North Haven:

Coming from any of these locations, travel south on Whitney Avenue and make a left turn onto Elm Street. At the first stoplight, make a left turn onto Church Street and find the courthouse located on the right at the next traffic stop.

From Shoreline:

Coming from Shoreline, travel South on I-95 to Exit 47 and the Oak Street Connector. Navigate to downtown New Haven following the signs and exit off the connector’s first exit. Take a right turn at the next stoplight onto Church street and take another right at the fifth stoplight.

From Woodbridge and Bethany:

Proceed through Whalley Avenue onto Elm Street and take a left turn at the stoplight on the corner of Elm and Church Street. Locate the corner on the right of the fifth stoplight.
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