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You can rely on the professional service of our bondsmen in Cheshire, CT if you are at a jailhouse, courthouse or correctional facility. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Office Address: 210 Maple Avenue Unit 251 Cheshire, CT 06410

Phone: 203-903-9033

Hours of Operation: 24/7 Availability Sunday – Saturday 12 AM – 12 PM

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“Everyone here was very nice and extremely helpful. I’ve never had to use a bail bond service before and they explained everything to me with out an issue. With as stressful as my situation was, I’m thankful for these kind people who made at least one thing in the process stress free.”
-Stefania Melendez, Cheshire, CT


Helpful Cheshire, CT Bail Bond Information

Meriden, CT Superior Court (Serving Cheshire)

  • Geographical Area 7: (Cheshire, Hamden, Meriden, North Haven, Wallingford)
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 54 West Main St, Meriden, CT 06451
  • Chief Clerk’s Office: 203-238-6130
  • Fax: 203-238-6016
  • Adult Probation: 203-238-5218
  • Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Doors open at 8:30 A.M.
  • Public Parking:  Municipal Lot on immediate left after passing the Courthouse. There is a large yellow sign indicating “parking”.

Cheshire, CT Police Department

  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 500 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT 06410
  • Main Phone:  (203)-271-5500
  • Chief of Police: Neil Dryfe
  • About: The Cheshire Police Department is dedicated to protecting the safety and welfare of all Cheshire residents and visitors, for a higher qualtiy of life. With five divisions of 49 sworn officers, five civilian dispatchers, four civiliian administrative personnel, and two Animal Control officers, the Cheshire Police Department is second to none in providing dedicated service and protection to its people.

The 6 Steps to Bail Bonds in Cheshire, CT

1. Setting the Bond

The bond for your arrest will be determined on location by the Cheshire, CT Police Department. If you are not able to pay this initial bond, the judge will determine and set a final bail. If you are also unable to pay this final bail, then you must stay in jail up to the established court date.

2. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Call the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group after your arrest in Cheshire. You will be able to speak directly with one of our expert Cheshire bond agents. They will help you better understand the bail bonds process and walk you through each step. They will also ask personal information questions that are necessary for the process, such as legal name, date of birth, reason for arrest, and related charges. If you are located in a correctional facility instead of a jail, the inmate number will be helpful in processing the information quicker.

3. Meeting a Cheshire Bail Agent

After the phone call with one of our Cheshire bail agents, there will be a one-on-one meeting. This personal consultation will reaffirm that you understand the bail bonds process. This includes suggest payment methods, court systems, local laws, or any other questions you may have. If it is required, collateral may be collected at this point in the process. Collateral items may range from jewelry to cars and even houses. Collateral ensures that the final bond is eventually paid off.

4. Release from Jail

With all of the necessary information gathered, your respective Cheshire bond agent will go right to work. They will physically visit the jail location to fill out the required paperwork. This process can take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes. Accurate information helps the process go smoother. Signed and complete paperwork results in you receiving your release papers. You are then welcome to return home.

5. Court Date

A specific court date will be established and you will be informed of the schedule. You are expected to show up on schedule and on time. Being prompt ensures the court process goes by efficiently. Failure to show up can unfortunately result in your return to jail. One of our Cheshire agents will be forced to locate you.

6. Exoneration

The issued bond will be exonerated after the scheduled court date, whether the final verdict is innocent or guilty.

About Connecticut Bail Bonds Group in Cheshire

Easy, Fast, Professional Bail Bonds

It is often assumed that dealing with the bail bonds process is an exhausting, complicated, and strenuous process. But what if it didn’t have to be? With the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, you are given the promise of simple, easy, and convenient solutions. We dedicate our service to making the whole situation as manageable as possible. We help our Cheshire clients understand the whole process, as well as staying informed on the status of the bond’s progress. We have a Cheshire bonds agent ready and at your disposal for any questions or concerns.

Don’t let bail bonds intimidate you. You can have the comfort of knowledge and understanding when you work with the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

The bail bonds industry is sometimes perceived as being deceitful, dishonest, and looking for ways to undercut customers. You won’t find any of that with the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group. We are a company that provides ethical services to all of our Cheshire clients. Your comfort and convenience is our goal at all times. We strive to develop a healthy and trusting relationship between our clients and Cheshire bail bonds agents. Our prices and payment methods are ethical, affordable, and accessible. We proudly serve Cheshire, CT with dependable work and effort at all times.

Taking Care of You

Dealing with bail bonds can be a trying time for an individual. It can take a toll on emotional, financial, and even physical aspects of life. The Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is dedicated to taking care of all our clients. We make sure every Cheshire case receives the proper care and attention it deserves. With our dependable and trustworthy team of Cheshire bondsmen, you have the guarantee of quality and care for all of your needs.

Our services are offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We make sure you are taken care of at all times you may be needed. Call today to learn more about what we offer or to speak directly with a representative. (860) 420-2245