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Connecticut Bail Bonds Group offers 24 hour bail bonds services in the Colchester area and beyond. Your local bail bondsman is available anywhere, be it a jailhouse, courthouse or even a correctional facility. The Connecticut Bail Bond Group is the trusted bail bond company to help bring home your loved ones today. 

Our Bail Bond Office Serving Colchester, CT

Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

Office Address: 103 S Main Street, #781 Colchester, CT 06415

Phone: 860-531-3322

Hours of Operation: 24/7 Availability Sunday – Saturday 12 AM – 12 PM

Call today, or stop in to have one of our bond agents answer your questions in a no-obligation, confidential discussion.

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is there when you need them! Very compassionate and helpful during a tough time in our lives. They went the extra mile to give us the help we needed. For their compassion alone I would give them 5 stars then add on their professionalism and speed of service and they become top notch!"

-Ellen B.

"I first knew about Connecticut Bail Bonds Group a year ago. At first I was sceptical then, amazed by their professionalism. This company knows how to value it’s customers and is offering fast and easy services. I myself have been highly satisfied and have multiple times referred friends who, after being in business with them are still thanking me. "

-Laure O

"Connecticut Bail Bonds helped me when I needed to post bail for a close friend. I didn't have quite enough and I was able to get the extra money I needed because of them. Very grateful."

-Rebecca H

"Thank you so much for the excellent service your agents provided. They went out of their way to treat us with respect and made a stressful situation much easier to deal with. From the time of contacting your office, everyone was professional and caring. You went out of the way to explain the process, you stayed in touch throughout the process, and followed up to make sure that we didn't have any problems afterwards. I'd recommend this company to anyone!"

-Amanda P.

"When my brother got in some legal trouble and arrested it was a very stressful time. Connecticut bails bonds Group made the process less painful and stressful. The staff was great, thorough, and got my family member out of jail very quickly. I had no idea what to expect but if you’re in need of a bail bondsman look no further."

-Madeline B

"Connecticut Bail Bonds is a very professional company to work with. If you want a company that is reliable and you can depend on I highly recommend them. In my profession it was difficult finding a company with this type of integrity. I am so happy to have found them and know I have a honest, hardworking company to refer my clients too. My clients are happy and that is my goal. Thank you Connecticut Bails for the outstanding work you do."

-Diane H

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is highly professional and reliable. I routinely refer clients to this company and have never heard any complaints, in fact, I consistently hear positive feedback. In an industry that is not the easiest to find honesty and integrity, we have found it here. Will continue to refer with confidence."

-Teresa D.

"I had a wonderful experience with Connecticut Bail Bonds! Everyone was very knowledgeable and helped me and my friend through a tough time. I appreciate all of the help and great customer service. Thank you!"

-Jennifer K

"We have bonded thru this company several times, and they have been MORE than willing to work with us, and easy to get ahold of any time of day or night. Helped immediately, there was no run around. Great people, in and out! The process was quick & easy!! Very professional!! If you ever need a bondsman, this would be the one to call!!"

-Ashley A.


"I was arrested and it was very late. I just wanted to get home to go to bed. I looked up a local bail bonds company and surprisingly they were open. They were very polite and assured me a surety bail bonds agent would be to me soon. No longer than 15 minutes the officer was letting me know that Connecticut Bail Bonds Group was here to post my bail. I was very happy to get back in my car and get home."

-Thomas R.

"Sheila is an amazingly kind and knowledgeable bail bonds lady! I called their office about getting my husband out and she asked all the right questions to be able to get him released and even offered to come right away. She did an excellent job keeping me calm during what felt like the worst nightmare our family have ever had to deal with. I'll be recommending her to everyone.
I give her 5 stars ."

-May W.

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group always have the best service anyone could ask for and their response time is incredible.  I highly recommend them."

-Melanie C.

"Great business! Fast and Friendly! Call them for any bond anywhere you may need them! Always dependable! Will do whatever they can to make your day better!!"

-Mark C.

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group have been there for us each and every time we have called them, and each and every time they have been nothing but professional, patient, understanding and very kind. We would refer them to anyone needing this kind of service."

-Laura S.

"Sheila was the absolute best! Working with her was a breeze right from the beginning. She was very professional, flexible, straight forward and even met us at our house because we weren't sure what direction we wanted to take to get our son out of jail. We felt very comfortable with Sheila and took her advice to get our son out of jail. If we didn't call Connecticut Bail Bonds Group we would have probably made the wrong decision for our son. We are very pleased we did call them and now our son's case has been resolved and he could plan his future accordingly. Thank you Sheila and Connecticut Bail Bonds Group."

-Melissa T.

"We never had to deal with a bail bonds company in our whole life until not long ago and Connecticut Bail Bonds Group treated us with compassion and respect and overall were very patient with us. If you are ever in a bad situation and need to call a bail bonds company these guys won't let you down and you're sure to have an experience above and beyond what you even expected."

-Diane R.

"Excellent service! Sheila was fast, courteous, and charged reasonable prices (far less than others we called). I would refer them around. "

-Matthew D.

"Great customer service! I called around asking for a few quotes on a $50,000 bond and Sheila gave me the best quote with no hidden fees. She's very quick to respond, straightforward and gets everything done fast. Well prepared! I would recommend her!"

-Tanya E.

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group are very nice guys, they helped me out of a jam without hesitation... if you need help they are the guys to call."

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"If your looking for a reliable source, these guys are definitely the ones you need to call. They are fast, efficient, and meticulous. Thank you for your services."

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"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group was easy to work with, fast service and a did a great job at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend their services."

-Donte P.

"I had a wonderful experience with Connecticut Bail Bonds Group for my son's bail bonds needs. The entire team was very helpful and supportive. We would recommend these guys anytime. "

-Sharon B.

"I haven’t personally needed you guys but from what I’ve heard from my friends you guys are the go to bail bonds company. Thanks for always being there for them."

-Tommy E.

"Sheila was professional, kind and caring. No questions went unanswered through the whole process. I wasn’t able to make it to the police department but she showed up immediately. I hope I am never in this situation ever again but if I happen to be she will be the person I call. I recommend her and this company to everyone."

-Deborah C.

"I have used this company several times and they accept the lowest payments allowed by Connecticut and continue to work with us. I would definitely recommend them! You Guys Are Awesome!"

-Jerimiah S.

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is very professional, enthusiastic and have the best employees around. They care about you and your family and do whatever it takes to make sure your loved one is out of jail fast. We were very happy with their service. Thank you for taking care of our daughter."

-John C.

"They were very understanding and professional when I needed to get my son out of jail. Hopefully I won’t need their services again but if I do I know I can count on them."

-Sarah H.

"Excellent service, very professional and most importantly the payment plan was great for the budget that I was working with. Thank you for getting me back to my family. I will recommend you guys to anyone."

-Daniella S.

"Professional, non judgemental and very helpful. I would definitely recommend their services to whoever needs them."

-David T.

"If you are in a bad situation, these guys will help you out. We have never met nicer people. Thanks for your help."

-Maria S.

"I’ve had the best experience here. It was my first time dealing with a bail bond situation and everyone here was very helpful and made me feel super comfortable. They were very flexible as well with payments. I would highly recommend them."

-Cindy L.

"Connecticut Bail Bonds Group are the best, kind, quick and considerate. We were faced with an unfortunate circumstance, never having had to deal with a family member being arrested. They made me feel like family, and were able to get my husband out of jail on late Friday evening on the 4th of July weekend. Don’t be afraid to put your trust in them."

-Jackie S.

"The staff here were very helpful and offered us many options for bailing my sister out of jail. They made me feel very comfortable by putting my interest first. I would recommend them to whoever needs a bail bonds company."


"You would have never thought that I would ever needed the assistance of a bail bondsman but we did and the process was unbelievably quick and easy. The staff really went the extra mile to make us feel as if we weren’t alone in all of this. Thank you for everything! I recommend them 100%. "

-Beth L.

"Thank you so much for your help Sheila. We are so pleased and happy that you were involved in helping us out. You are a champ Sheila. When we are back in Connecticut I would like to visit you and thank you personally. Thank you soooooo much"

-Sharon H.

"Incredibly professional and effective bonds company. I could not have asked for a better company to assist us during this difficult time in our lives. You guys are amazing and I would recommend you to all who needs you."

-Matthew K.

"Sheila Sanchez was very professional, kind and courteous. I would definitely seek her assistance if the need arose."

-Mary K.

Types of Bail Bonds We Help With

Helpful Colchester, CT Bail Bond Information

Norwich, CT Superior Court (Serving Colchester)

  • Geographical Area 21: (Bozrah, Colchester, Franklin, Griwold, Lisbon, Montville, Norwich, Preston, Salem, Sprague, Volutown)
  • Website: Visit Website 
  • Address: 1 Courthouse Square, Norwich 06360
  • Chief Clerk’s Office: 860-889-7338
  • Fax: 860-885-0509
  • Adult Probation: 860-889-8351
  • Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Doors open at 8:30 A.M.
  • Public Parking: A metered parking garage is located on Water Street approximately one block on the left.

Colchester, CT Police Department

  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 127 Norwich Avenue, Colchester, CT 06415
  • Main Phone: (860) 465-5400
  • Chief of Police: Sgt. Martin Martinez
  • About: It is the mission of the Colchester Police Department to protect the Town of Colchester citizens, personnel, patrons and property from crime, violence and disruptions.  In tandem with the Town of Colchester management team, the Police Department maintains a safe and orderly environment so our citizens may live in a safe atmosphere.

The 6 Steps to Bail Bonds in Colchester, CT

1. Bond is Set

Your local police department where the arrest was made will decide your bail bond. If you cannot pay this amount then a final bail will be placed, which must be paid.

2. Call the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

If you have been tasked with bailing someone out of jail, call the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group for assistance. We will put you in touch with a bail bonds person to walk you through the entire process based on the arrested individual. The Colchester bail agent will ask specific questions such as the arrested person’s legal name, date of birth, the reason for their arrest, the Colchester jail location and the arrested person’s inmate number if they are in a correctional facility. This allows the local bondsman to work as efficiently as possible. 

3. Our Bail Agent Meets You

After the first call has been made to begin the bail bonds service process, you will have an in-person meeting with a Colchester jail bondsman. Our Colchester jail bondsman will walk you through the bonding process, the court system steps, and available payment methods. A CT Bail Bonds agent will also provide collateral information if necessary. Collateral can include jewelry, cars, or a house.

4. Release from Jail

Once the jail or correctional facility receives your bail bond, a Colchester bond agent will come to the facility to process your paperwork. This process can take up to 40 minutes. Once the paperwork has been filled out and signed, your bail bond service is complete. Make sure your friend or family member gets the best bail bonds available in Colchester with our 24-hour bail bonds services.

5. The Court Date Arrives

After the arrested individual has been bailed out of jail, a court date for them to reappear will be established. For an easy transition, that individual should arrive at the scheduled time, and failure to appear could result in more complications. Complications could include the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group to send a local Colchester bondsman to locate the person and return them to jail.

6. The Bond is Exonerated

After the entire case and court appearance has been completed, the bond will be considered exonerated. This means they have been absolved of any wrongdoing in the eyes of CT Bail Bonds Group, regardless of the court’s final verdict.

About Connecticut Bail Bond Group

Easy, Fast, Professional Bail Bonds

Trying to bail out an incarcerated inmate can be a trying experience, but the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group makes matters as easy and efficient as possible by providing you with the attention you deserve. Our Colchester bond agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will help settle any intimidation you may experience. We ensure that you fully understand the entire bail bonds process so that nothing is left as a surprise. Our bail bonding agents will review all the steps and paperwork needed to be filled out with you and are available to answer any of your questions, plus they will provide you with regular updates on the status of your bond process, the defendant’s obligations to appear in court, and the arrest procedure.

Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

The most common question when trying to find a Colchester bail bondsman to help bail out your loved one from jail is where to find a bail bondsman that you can trust. There are many bail bond companies that use untrustworthy and deceitful practices, but Connecticut Bail Bonds Groups only offers the best in bail bonds services you can trust in the Colchester area. Our Colchester bail bond services enlist ethical practices to help our clients feel at ease during a stressful time in their lives. We look forward to serving our Colchester clients.

Taking Care of You

Having to bail one of your loved ones out of jail is a trying, intimidating and exhausting process. It can take its toll on both your finances and your emotional well-being. Trying to consider, “Where can I find a bondsman near me?” will leave you wondering who is the right choice. Reach out to the trustworthy bail bonds agents at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group where we understand the stress that comes with bail bonds. Serving the Colchester area and beyond, we commit to our clients that we only implement trustworthy bail bonds practices and will create long-lasting bonds at this emotional time in their lives. We will provide you with an efficient, effective and affordable bail bonds experience.

Connecticut Bail Bonds holds a team of bail bond agents in Colchester that believe in offering exceptional bail bond service quality to their local bail bond clients. Our bail bond agents are fluent in both English and Spanish, so feel free to ask for a bail bond in Spanish services, if you desire. As leaders in the Colchester bail bonds business, the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group offers affordable bail bonds to the area. We welcome any questions you may have about our bail bonds services. So stop searching for “bail bonds near me” and come work with the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group today. For more information or to begin the Colchester bail bond process, call us today at our bail bonds number: 860-531-3322