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You can rely on the professional service of our bondsmen in Milford, CT if you are at a jailhouse, courthouse or correctional facility. Connecticut Bail Bonds Group is ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Office Address: 6 W River Street, Milford, CT 06460

Phone: 203-647-1444

Hours of Operation: 24/7 Availability Sunday – Saturday 12 AM – 12 PM

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Helpful Milford, CT Bail Bond Information

Milford, CT Superior Court

  • Geographical Area 22: (Milford & West Haven)
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address: 14 West River Street, Milford 06460
  • Chief Clerk’s Office: 203-874-1116
  • Fax: 203-874-5233
  • Adult Probation: 203-877-1253
  • Hours: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Doors open at 8:30 A.M.
  • Public Parking:  0.2 miles from the Courthouse down Constitution Drive at Wasson Field on the left. There is some on-street, metered parking available around the Courthouse.

Milford, CT Police Department


  • Website: Visit Website
  • Address:  430 Boston Post Rd MilfordCT 06460 United States
  • Main Phone: (203) 878-6551
  • About: It is the mission of the Milford Police Department to provide an exemplary level of service, ensuring safety and a peaceful quality of life to the residents and businesses of the City of Milford and to all those who may visit our community.  In doing so, we will maintain a proactive approach to the protection of life and property, the detection and prevention of crime and will commit to resolve the concerns of those we serve in a timely manner.


The 6 Steps to Bail Bonds in Milford, CT

1. Bond is Set

After your arrest, your bond will be set by the Milford, CT police department. If you cannot afford your bond, a judge will appoint your final bail. This final bail must be paid or you will have to stay in jail until your court date.

2. Call the Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

To receive help in your situation, call Connecticut Bail Bonds Group in Milford, CT and get in contact with one of our bondsmen to go over the bail process. In order to assist you, we’ll need information about the arrested individual such as their name, date of birth, jail locations, the town they were arrested in, and what charges are currently against them. If they are situated in a correctional facility, our Milford bondsmen will need their inmate number to take over their case.

3. Our Bail Agent Meets You

After we’ve received all of your information, you will have a personal meeting with one of our Milford, CT bondsmen. With your bond agent, you’ll go over the bonding process, court system and payment methods necessary. You may even need to put up collateral such as a car, jewelry or your house if needed.

4. Release from Jail

When it’s time for the individual to be released from jail, one of our bond agents from Milford, CT will take care of your process paperwork. This usually takes around 30-40 minutes. When completed, the arrested individual can return home with their release papers.

5. The Court Date Arrives

When the scheduled trial date arrives, the arrested individual must appear at court. If they fail to appear in court, one of our Milford bail agents will find them and return them to jail.

6. The Bond is Exonerated

When the case is closed, the bond must be completed by the defendant even if they have been found innocent.

About Connecticut Bail Bond Group

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Here at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group in Milford, CT, we understand how stressful the jail and court process can be. To help you understand the process, one of our bail bonds agents will go over the defendant’s obligations as well as the law and arrest procedures. No matter what type of bond you face, our bail bonds service in Milford, CT can be there for you.

Whether the bond amount is big or small, you can always rely on us to help.

Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

Over time, the bail bond process has come to be viewed negatively. But don’t worry, our Connecticut Bail Bonds Group service in Milford, CT will always be professional and dependable. We know how hard it is for the defendant to deal with the jail and bail process, so we always aim to provide you with our honest services.

Taking Care of You

The jail time and bond process can be very overwhelming for many because of the emotional and financial stress it brings. Let our Milford bond agents guide you to the right place, both legally and emotionally. At our Milford office, we will make sure that you receive the correct services for your needs. If you would like to reach out to us, call us at: 860-420-2245